24 March 2010

The Furry One

Let me introduce you to my sweet Lily cat. She likes warm laps, eating cold things, Lucky Charm marshmallows, being carried, smelling one's breath, sleeping under blankets, and the sound of running water. She sleeps with her face buried in her paws, and does not like cheese or salmon. She has an enormous, happy, loud purr. She is sweet and gentle and loving and snuggly, and she is loved tremendously.

Do you have any furry friends who keep you company, no matter what?


The Drifter and the Gypsy said...

aw, how cute! i love those green eyes!

Erica said...

Lily is beautiful! My little feline friend, Zeus, hates laps and loves cheese. :/ Maybe they would be friends based purely on the theory that opposites attract?

Jennifer said...

My furry friend is named Nunu. She's a tortiseshell and her black and brown fur matches my interior decor. She loves to lay on piles of paper and plastic bags. Don't leave your jeans on the floor either because she'll wrap herself around them, cuddle them and scratch them with her hind legs all at the same time.

She makes me laugh so much.

Brandi said...

I have three: Marty, Hugo, and Cami. Marty and Cami have a thing for each other and cuddle a lot. They both beg for food and sleep at my feet at night. Hugo has a thing for me. He's a giant ball of orange and white fur who will throw himself across my computer keyboard if he thinks he hasn't gotten enough belly rubs. He'll crawl under the covers with me in the winter and fall asleep with his forehead touching mine. And when my boyfriend visits, he gets jealous. It's hysterical.

zoe858 said...

Lily is a beauty; she can really strike a pose :-)

Ingrid said...

erica - i think your zeus and my zeus (lily's brother) would get along brilliantly.

jennifer - i can imagine *exactly what your cat does with the jeans!

brandi - i love what you wrote! hugo sounds like a cat with huge personality. i enjoyed your comments so much!

thanks for the comments, ladies - it is such fun to hear about how unique and crazy and loved each of our fuzzy ones is. thanks for sharing!


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