22 March 2010

The Handmade Writer

A woman named Amy Spencer wrote me yesterday about her new e-course Handmade Writer. Amy is an author, experienced workshop leader, and crafter and The Handmade Writer is a course for those who wish to explore their own writing and who want to expand it creatively. I know that many of my readers are interested in both crafts and writing, and thought that this course might be of interest to some of you!

This is what Amy wrote about it:

"Rather than focusing on any particular style of writing or for any particular type of writer, this course is about exploring the world and looking for inspiration around you. It is designed to encourage people to take their writing a bit more seriously and find motivation to fit it into their lives."

"I will encourage students to gather material from every source imaginable and use the fabric of their lives to tell extraordinary stories."

It sounds deliciously tempting! The course starts on 12th April and runs for 6 weeks. It uses a private online community space as a virtual writing workshop - you will be given regular exercises and prompts each week, and will be able to give and receive feedback and support on your writing. If you're interested, you can go to the Handmade Writer website and read more about it - there are lots of questions answered and further explanation of what to expect. You can also sign up there.

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