28 March 2010

Image Transfers, Part 2

Yesterday I shared Part One in the tutorial about image transfers. Today I'll show you the next steps - almost finished!

Step four: Use plain water to wet the back of the paper and begin rubbing your finger in small circles. Add more water if needed - though be careful not to use too much and soak the page underneath!

Step five: Soon the paper will begin to clump into little rolls; if it doesn't, use more pressure and try a little more water. The image should start appearing - this is my favorite part!

Step six: Continue to rub the entire image, including the edges, until the whole image is revealed. Voila! Your first transfer is complete.

I've found out a few things through trial and error while practicing these. Firstly - and perhaps this is more obvious to you than it was to me! - if you do this over watercolor or other water-soluble material, the color will wash away when you rub the paper away from your transfer!

Secondly, note that color in images will be opaque, but your background will show through whatever is white or very light in your image. Black and white images are particularly interesting and fun to play with.

And lastly, if you don't rub all of the paper from the back of the image, you'll end up with a sort of foggy, half hidden image (see the example below - the right side has been completely rubbed away and the left has not). I really love how the obscured text looks; it adds texture and depth and one isn't distracted by the writing.

I do hope that this has been helpful - do let me know how it goes and if you discover anything new along the way! Have fun, lovelies!


kendrajkphotography said...

Great job with your tutorial! I love reading tutorials and this is very clear :) I find image transfers so interesting and there are so many ways to do it! I think I know of 3 or 4 and this one I didn't know. I've never seen it done by putting it on the page before rubbing the back of the page off! Very interesting, I'll have to try it out :)

Carlin said...

Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I'm excited to try it out sometime soon!

Louise said...

thanks for the clear tutorial, I would love to know some other ways of transferring images.


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