01 March 2010

In Like a Lion

It's March! Hooray, hooray! Only twenty days until it is officially Spring, friends!

We are soon headed into my very favorite part of the year. The days begin to get longer and warmer, birds sing loudly and cheerfully while all manner of creature scurry about and celebrate life, and the trees begin to reawaken. Oh, how happy I am in Spring! The promise of endless blue skies and sparkling golden sunshine, rich brown earth and budding flowers, rhythmic rains and hills covered in green - soon the world will come alive once more, bursting into color so vivid it is difficult to believe its reality.

This month's word is presence. Be present in the changing of the seasons; be present in the life that is teeming around you; be present in your own life - in each wonderful moment and each happy second; be present in your art and your writing and your friendships and your choices!

Spring! Isn't the anticipation of all that is to come simply thrilling?

1 comment:

Debra said...


Congrats on being featured in "Artful Blogging" magazine ~ I love your blog & BANNER!



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