15 March 2010

Leap of Faith

Change is a funny thing. It is constant, it is inevitable, and you'd think that every one of us would have become accustomed to it long ago - yet somehow it still takes us by surprise and often knocks us out of our comfort zones. Spring, the epitome of change, is just a week away. From the dead winter ground bursts life; the grays and browns of the sleeping world explode into color and song and movement! This season is a true blue miracle - one that has occurred year after year for as long as humanity can remember.

At the beginning of the year I made a resolution to take more risks. This is because I have realised that I am not nearly as comfortable with change as I once thought. Perhaps it is part of growing older or perhaps it is due to the risk-free life I have been living recently, but I have been choosing comfort and monotony instead of chance and possibility. And I have been very unhappy.

Here I take the first brave step and announce to you: within the next few weeks I will, with luck, be living in a new home in a new city. Everything will be different: new friends, new experiences, new things to see, and new things to do. I have so many things to prepare and plan and put together before I begin this new life, and I admittedly have no idea where to begin.

So here I am, standing at the brink of something Grand and New and Exciting. From here, the future looks simultaneously thrilling and terrifying - just as it should, I suppose! With every risk taken, there is the possibility of failure; however, things may turn out far better than one could have ever imagined! It is a gamble, but one that is essential to living a full, happy life. Will you join me? We'll take hands, close our eyes, breathe deeply, and...


kendrajkphotography said...

Ya know, before I moved 1000 miles away for college I thought I was comfortable with change too. In fact, I reveled in it. I think that if you don't like something about yourself (be it laziness, anger issues, body issues etc) you CAN change it, everything can be changed for the better (or worse). I loved the idea of change.
I guess you never really fully understand something until every single thing in your life takes a 180, huh?

And now again, within the next 6 months everything will change for me again. I, too, will be moving to a whole new city (again), a new side of the US, new people, new places. However, I'm much more excited and open about this change than the last one :)

I love your blog, btw and I'm sorry but I always seem to ramble and talk a lot in my comments, you post good things to talk about! I like it :)

I hope your change goes smoothly and it all works out for you

Brandi said...

What a wonderful journey you're about to embark on! Moving to a new city can be a bit scary, but it's most certainly wonderful at the same time. (I know, I just moved a few months ago myself.) The real question is, does this move put you closer to the love of your life?

Ingrid said...

what a sweet comment, kendra, thanks! brandi, how i wish it were true..! but no, i am staying in on american soil for now. thanks for the love, sweetie.


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