08 March 2010

New York, New York

Oh, how lovely our trip to NYC was! The day was simply beautiful - warm and sunny, one of those first wonderful days of spring - filled with meandering and adventure, the city full of so many different kinds of people and hundreds of things to steal our attention.

As promised, I took many photos! Tall skyscrapers, busy streets, deep blue skies, a found flower, travelers and tourists, and many perhaps unnoticed corners of New York fill my camera. See some of my favorite photos below.

My sweet Boyfriend leaves in just a few short days, and so I am soaking up every moment I can with him - regular blog posting will return soon!


Brandi said...

It may sound odd, but I sort of miss riding the subway. I love people watching and the subway was always one of the prime places to do that. I'd imagine where they were going, what their story was, why they had moved was so much fun.
Glad to hear you had an awesome time there. Soak up all the moments with your boyfriend that you can!

Kolleen said...

wonderful photos...thank you for sharing!!

enjoy that special time with your boyfriend...drink it up!!!!!


Lianne said...

Hi lovely!

Those photos are stunning! Love the bokeh in the last one!

I hope you are enjoying every single second your boy is with you! And hugs for when he's gone again.. I have so much respect for you!

With love,

Ingrid said...

thank you, ladies! your sweet wishes mean so much.


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