13 March 2010

An Odd Sort of Post

One of my favorite photos from Boyfriend's visit - his hands
as we waited for our food at a diner.

Often, when I return to the internet after the sweet busyness of seeing my Lovely, I return unsure of who I am. I stare at the "new post" page, willing something original and deep and meaningful to arise and type itself out eloquently into the blank space awaiting me. My fingers are still; I can't quite remember where I left off and I am unsure about what I should write next. I stumble just the littlest bit, and get a glimpse of my blogger self as I stand back up.

Today, I made cupcakes, a craving brought about by Brandi's tweet. I ate one, and it was delicious, and it made me feel better. I considered painting my fingernails. I watched Lost and crocheted some granny squares. I listened to the rain outside, thought about Spring, and uploaded more photos to Flickr.

There are many posts I would like to write someday: reviews on art books I own, great links I have found, old projects that I haven't yet shared, new crafts I'd like to try, tips on how to organize blog posts, news from my life, changes in season and weather, excitements and disappointments, observations and ponderings and discoveries. But for the moment, I'm content with living this weekend slowly - being right here, right now, just as I am. I am breathing in and out and being gentle with myself, loving deeply, and telling myself that it is okay to go slowly.

It is so very important to remember to give yourself a hug once in a while - how about right now, my sweets? And while you're at it, give yourself a hug from me, too!

Much love to you all,


Brandi said...

I'm happy to hear I inspired some baking. Sadly, I never got my cupcake -- the cafe I went to didn't have any today. But the chocolate chip cookies I made this afternoon made up for it. I'd been searching for the perfect chocolate chip recipe for so long, and I finally found it.
The most important thing when writing is never to limit yourself. You're so many wonderful things -- it's excellent to share them all.

zoe858 said...

Your right, it is good to slow down and smell the roses from time to time. Because there is peace in the silence.

Steffi said...

Yay for hugs! :) Thank you!

I love the permission to go slowly. Yes, slowly. Breathing.


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