13 March 2010

Saturday Challenge #40

Dear Friends,

Boyfriend has flown home and so I return to my ordinary life. We had an absolutely wonderful time together, filled with sweet surprises and laughter and adventures and the loveliest of things. Thank you so very much for all your good wishes for us! I now have many blogs to catch up on and comments to read - please be patient as I respond to all the kindnesses you left me!

Halfway through Dear One's visit, the cold greyness of winter retreated and beautiful warm sunny weather took its place; buds of flowers appeared after most of the snow melted; blue cloudless skies smiled from high above. I can feel - smell - see Spring! Today, I challenge you to find and to celebrate the coming season. Go on a walk and see what has changed since your last visit; photograph buds and birds and new greenery; do an art journal page on the subject; try some seasonal crafts, like this or this!

If you are in a part of the world where Spring will not appear for some time, or even is long gone, do share! I love to hear where my readers are from, and how life is different for each one of us.


Erica said...

I absolutely cannot wait to try making seed paper. Also, I plan on going on a walk on the next nice day that I have off from work to take a picture of the train tracks near my house. I can't wait to share it with you.

Make-a-life said...

i love the seed paper tutorial. it sounds so cool. Glad to have you back:)

Brandi said...

The best I was able to do today was walk briefly around the Golden Hill area of San Diego. You would love it, Ingrid -- it's full of all these beautiful old homes with interesting gardens and stained glass and colors. The rest of the day, I kept myself in bed since I managed to somehow get sick in the last day. The one thing I do like about being sick, it always makes you appreciate how awesome it is to be healthy.

Lianne said...

I am so ready for Spring! At the end of this week it will be very nice weather here in the Netherlands.

I'm already feeling Spring coming, I feel much happier and have more energy! (But there could be another reason for that ;))


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