21 March 2010

Spring and Sewing

I have for a long time been thinking that the first day of Spring was on the twenty-first of March, when it was actually on the twentieth! This is my very favorite month - I love the new growth, the reawakened life, and the colors, smells, and sounds! I celebrated today by talking a walk to the park and spending some time outdoors writing in my journal. I wish each of you a beautiful, happy Spring!

A few days ago I found a sweet little sewing machine at a thrift store for seven dollars. What a deal! After reading about iHanna's experiments with sewn paper, I've been wanting to try my own paper collage. The sewing machine I bought is loud and pretty basic and would probably be terrible for sewing fabric - but it's perfect for what I'd like to do with it!

I got a few odd and ends - clippings from magazines, candy wrappers, stickers, and leftover paper - and sewed them all onto some orange construction paper, making an impromptu collage. My intent was to test the machine to make sure that it worked properly (it does), but I'm very happy with the results and am hoping to do lots more sewing soon!

As a side note, I must admit that I do feel a strange need to name my machine. I've never been one to name inanimate objects (stuffed animals and dolls being the exception), but I'm sure that this one needs a name. If you have any good ideas, please let me know!


Lianne said...

I love love love the photograph! And I love your new etsy store! And I love your blog! Oh I guess I love you Ingrid ;)

Ingrid said...

hehe, this made me smile in a big way! love you, too, friend!


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