17 March 2010

Sweet Nothings

Today I got out my paints and my paintbrushes. When it comes to art journalling, I seem to have such a great deal of trouble starting - but once I begin, I enjoy it enormously and am so proud of myself when I finish! Many artists whose blogs I read seem so comfortable with their art journals, creating and experimenting and playing continually, sharing their secrets and their dreams day after day; I am amazed and do wish I were so driven. Hopefully it will come with time, but perhaps my inability to keep up one project continuously is simply the way that I am.

I did my very first image transfers today! (An image transfer is any of a number of different ways to transfer an image to a piece of art.) I've always wanted to try - they add such dimension to a page - and I finally took the leap. I began taking pictures for a tutorial, but halfway through I got too excited and forgot the camera completely! Later, perhaps. The first photo above is the spread before a transfer was added and the second is after I finished the spread. Which do you like better? I can't quite decide, but I'm terribly happy with myself for giving it a shot anyway and not worrying about how the end product would look. That's the key to art journalling, you know, dearests.

I've been thinking quite a bit recently about all sorts of things, such as who I am and what I stand for; what I want to accomplish in this life of mine; Spring and all its loveliness; the future - tomorrow, and next week, a year, five years from now; my goals and plans and hopes; what it means to be a brave, confident, and sure woman; what happiness is and how to live it; and about the natural ebbs and flows of creativity and inspiration. If I can manage to put my thoughts into words understandably, I will share them with you in later posts.

A young friend of the family is in the early stages of labor with her first child. She is insisting on having a completely natural birth - at home, with no midwife or doula, refusing any advice from experienced mothers - and I'd like to ask for you to keep her and her baby in your thoughts and in your hearts. Thank you so very much!

Have a beautiful afternoon, my sweets ~

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