23 April 2010

Blog Awards

A little while ago I was very graciously given two blog awards! Thank you so very much, Tammy and Romantic Heroine!

With the first, the Honest Scrap award, I must list ten honest and interesting things about myself, then pass it on to seven other bloggers. So, here goes:
  1. At the moment, my hair is the longest it has been since I was about eight.
  2. I used to really hate the color pink, but over the past few years I've been changing my mind. I still don't like certain shades of it, though.
  3. I am a vegetarian, but I don't have any problem with people who eat meat.
  4. One of my favorite authors is Lucy Maud Montgomery. Her way with words is simply breathtaking.
  5. It seems I look much younger than I am; I'm often asked if I'm in high school!
  6. If you give me something sugary, I will eat it til it's all gone. Really.
  7. When I go swimming in an outdoor pool, I will spent quite a bit of my time saving the bugs that fall into the water.
  8. Some of my favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, and You Can't Take it With You. (I only saw the latter one time, but it was fantastic!)
  9. My favorite numbers are 9 and 23.. I have no idea why!
  10. I refuse to have an iPhone. It's not that I don't like them - it's that I know I'd be far too distracted with one and would have difficulty leaving it alone.
Whew. Interesting enough? That was harder than I expected! If you would like to know more about me, do go ask me some questions! I'm much better at answering them than I am at figuring out what about me might be interesting to you.

And this lovely, colorful
Sunshine Award - I am to pass it on to twelve people, but I just can't choose! If you'd like either this one or the one above, please feel free to post it on your blog and say that I've nominated you.

Happy Friday, dearies! What are you up to this weekend?


spooky said...

Hey we have 3, 5, and 8 in common (except I haven't seen You Cant Take it With You). I do get sucked into my iPhone a lot (on it right now) but it allows me to do Internet stuff while I'm out and about, so when I get home I can go to my art supplies instead of my computer!

Brandi said...

I very much like your favorite numbers and I can give you very geeky mathematical reasons why. 9 because it's three squared. 23 because it's a prime number. I've always had a thing for primes, even though my favorite is 22. Apparently, in numerology, 22 is a master number.
And I save the bugs that fall in pools too. I also had problems running at first because I used to stop and save every single snail whose path I crossed. I had to give that up or my runs would take me HOURS.
Ingrid, have an absolutely lovely weekend! I'm heading to a farmer's market tomorrow to get some delicious fresh food. Wish you could come along!

Steffi said...

I love the 10 things about you!

We have 3,5 & 6 in common and I hated pink as a teenager but have grown to love it as an adult :)

I'll meet with a friend for coffee and maybe a walk in the woods tomorrow. The sun is shining so we're off to a good start of the weekend here :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Oh LMM...Anne is STILL one of my favorite books of all time :)

Ingrid said...

It's so nice to know people who share some of my quirks! Brandi, I can't tell you how happy I am that you save bugs, too ~ I almost didn't post that one due to its strangeness!


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