13 April 2010

Handmade Treasures

For my birthday, I received some absolutely lovely things from Etsy. I have to say, I think that buying handmade things directly from 'everyday' artists around the world is just about the most incredible thing ever!


Aren't these bird hair clips sweet? They are a bit delicate and right now my hair is too long and heavy, so they sadly don't quite work at the moment. I might just figure out a different way to wear them because they're too pretty to leave sitting on a shelf! The shop is also selling lots of colorful vintage-style flower earrings which I'd like to get someday.


These earring are so beautiful! They are made of found sea glass and are actually not at all heavy to wear. I find the color so calming; it reminds me of the sound of waves against the shore. You can visit the shop here.

This ring is one of my very favorite birthday gifts. To me, trees represent growth, wisdom, comfort, and quiet strength. To wear one on my finger reminds me to strive to each of these values - and it reminds me of my blog, too! It is made out of sterling silver and, I imagine, will last forever. The shop is full of beautiful jewelry - go buy your own tree ring or browse lots of other beautiful necklaces, rings, or bracelets!

I was thrilled so get these vintage art journal papers and ephemera in the mail from iHanna's Etsy shop! I must admit that I have a big girlcrush on her. I have been following her blog for a few years now; her creativity, philosophy, colorful images, exploration, and sweet nature inspired me to both start my own blog and to get the camera I am now completely in love with and couldn't do without!

She introduced me to art journaling and to hundreds (thousands!) of new amazing art and craft projects and techniques, and thanks to her, my list of "Things I Want to Try" is absolutely enormous. If you haven't yet, go visit her blog right this very second.

Have you found any wonderful Etsy goodness recently? My favorites list is growing by the day!


Joy said...

I love the ring!! So pretty! And the bird hair clips are way cute too! Happy birthday!

zoe858 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your day :-)

Brandi said...

Your etsy choices are so lovely! I'm going to work on a little something for you. Don't expect it anytime soon, though, but one day, it'll show up.

Lianne said...

Beautiful presents! I'm glad you had a good day!

Ingrid said...

thanks for the comments, ladies!

iHanna said...

Oh all of the things you got are so nice Ingrid, and your girlcrush on me so sweet! Thanks, I'm reading it as my birthday is soon here, it's like a birthday gift your sweet words. thank you!


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