18 April 2010

Healing Words

I have been in this city for nearly two weeks. In that time I have felt myself change, somehow; the city distracts me from inward thinking and from quiet observation, and I feel rushed and busy. My thoughts have taken on similar qualities and I struggle to form a full, developed thought; my sentences are inarticulate and my vocabulary limited.

My photography and art have been affected by this move as well. Used to taking macros of the little nooks and crannies of a rural town, I am now challenged with cement, dirty streets, and tall, unforgiving buildings. Many of my art supplies are left behind in my old home, the essentials I brought with me tucked into a small corner of this new space; and the now limited possibilities leave me uninspired.

Moving is a challenge, yes - it requires quite a bit of rearranging and rediscovering and relearning. Do forgive me if you expect all of my posts to be about art and philosophy! My entire life is a great web, and each thing within it is connected by this string or that; art and philosophy will come soon, oh yes, but what I must sort out now is what is right in front of me, staring me in the face: Change.

Tell me, what in your life is affecting you - your Self, your art - right now?


Immediately after I finished writing this post late last night, I felt a release; I then worked for several hours in my art journal and felt my creativity and my inspiration returning. Words are powerful things, my dearies! Have a beautiful Sunday!


Romantic Heroine said...

hi ingrid.
i always love your writing.
what's affecting me? well, my workplacement at the nursery. I'm able to talk english the whole day again which I couldn't for almost a year. it feels fantastic. I thought I had forgot a lot but it shows me I still can talk in english :) anyway the whole work placement and my training are affecting me in every way. Also my own thoughts about life (mine and others) and inspiring quotes and blogs I dicovered since I start blogging. they help me to find my place in the world. do you know what I mean?

Dyche Designs said...

Change can be difficult and we all need a period of time to adjust, glad that writing helped feed your creativity and inspiration.

As for me . . . I'm disppointed that my flight to the UK has been cancelled due to the volcanic ash coming from Iceland. I was supposed to be visiting my family out there but it looks as though my trip will be postponed for a month. Id been winding my shop down ready for my 2.5 week vacation but now I'll need to ramp it back up. All change. :0)

Lianne said...

A change is always difficult, especially when it's a big change like a move. I'm sure it will all turn out just fine! It's good to hear that last night you felt better!

My world has been turned upside down, I feel like I'm an entire new version of myself. I have fallen head over heels in love and am so blessed to have met this amazing person!

Erica said...

Time seems to be my biggest problem when it comes to taking care of myself, when it comes to creating art. I spend 40+ hours a week at work, I spend 3-5 hours a week at the gym, I have to take care of my home... where does that leave my art?

On my desk. Being lonely.

Ingrid said...

Oh, my lovelies, thanks so much for sharing! My heart goes out to you, Dyche, and I wish you patience and a flight that leaves sooner than you think..

Lianna and Romantic, I'm so happy for you both! Keep exploring and smiling and experiencing these beautiful, happy things!

Erica, I know how tough it can be to fit in things you really *love into your life. Maybe you could have a "designated Art Hour"? Best of luck, dearest.

thepaperphantom said...

Love that photo of your journal page. I want to see more!
Um, the only thing that's affecting me is my new BAD HAIRCUT, waaah! It's affecting my self-esteem. But I've discovered that headbands make it look cute. And it will grow back :)


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