15 April 2010

Swap: Theme a Day Journal

In February I wrote about a swap I had joined; last week, I received a package all the way from Nika in Slovenia! The effort and time she put into her journal is obvious and incredibly impressive. Each page is filled with her tiny, neat writing, collage bits, fold outs, envelopes, and beautiful drawings. I was touched with how much trust she put in me and how much of her life she shared with me.

I finished up my own journal and sent it off to Michigan on Friday. Working on a project that lasted two months was quite a challenge for me; I am always eager to start projects but never have the follow-through to see them to the end! (Is this a common artist symptom?) I'm not sure that I'll be trying such an extensive project again soon, but it was certainly a wonderful and enlightening experience!

If you want to try a similar swap, check out this one. Or, if you're new to Swap-Bot or want to try something different, browse their (extensive) list of upcoming swaps!


Erica said...

I have an account at Swap Bot but I've never done a swap yet, because all the ones I am interested in don't seem very welcoming to newbies. :) I will eventually come across something nice that welcomes me.

*hugs* I adore you, Miss Ingrid!

I hope you are settled and comfy in your new home.

Jennifer said...

That looks like so much fun. I'm going to sign up for the Journal Swap in May. Thanks for sharing



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