03 April 2010

This Beautiful Life

* If you are looking for this week's Saturday Challenge, please read this blog post.

Yesterday a friend and I
drove to Washington, D.C. The weather was a perfect sort of day for adventuring, filled with sunshine and endless blue sky! By the end of the day, I had snapped quite a few photos of the cherry blossoms, one of which you can see above. These trees are so lovely, romantic, and delicate; their petals fall like snowflakes in the slightest wind and drift ever-so-gently to the earth. It's magical to watch!

The newness of spring has not only brought the plant world to life, but many new human lives as well! In the past three weeks, two little ones in my little town have taken their first breaths, as well as the children of Goddess Leonie in Australia and Susannah Conway's dear sister in England; cJane and Stacy de la Rosa are becoming mamas again any day, and both Alex and Kelly Rae are expecting, due later this year. And, twenty two years ago this Tuesday, I made my entrance into the world. It's an amazing thing, being alive, isn't it? (Congratulations and much love to each of these new mamas and mamas-to-be!)

I wish you, my sweet readers, a beautiful weekend bursting with loveliness! Do make sure to go out and enjoy this beautiful world we live in - this moment, right now, is all we have. And this moment, right now, is an incredibly gorgeous one.

Much love,


The Drifter and the Gypsy said...

what a beautiful picture! And happy turning 22!

have a beautiful weekend!


zoe858 said...

Great shot

Kolleen said...

what a beautiful are so wise for your almost 20 years!!!!!

i love....
"Do make sure to go out and enjoy this beautiful world we live in - this moment, right now, is all we have." so true but sometimes so hard for us to remember to quiet our minds and be exactly where we truly "be in it"

sending you love and happiness!!

gypsy999 said...

You are wise beyond your years! May your year be full of wonders. Happy Birthday! ~ Tammy

MissA said...

you write such pretty words! happy birthday :)

Peacefully*Chaotic said...

What a beautiful tree!=)
Hope your birthday was full of joy.I enjoy your posts1i will try to leave a comment more frequently!have a happy week!

Carlin said...

Flowering trees are absolutely one of my favorite things about spring.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The image transfer technique worked like a dream! I found it to be quite exciting and plan on posting about it sometime in the near future.

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

Susannah Conway said...

bless your heart <3 x


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