05 May 2010

A Blog Year: Favorite Posts

Today, I'd like to share with you some of my very favorite posts from this past year. I am nearing the two hundred mark (something I am amazed by!) and can't thank you enough for all of your sweet comments and for all the time you have spent perusing my thoughts and words! Here are some of the posts I most enjoyed writing:

The Kindness of Strangers
Beautiful Beyond Measure
Try, Try Again
The Joy of Being
You Are So Worth it, My Dear!
Saturday Challenge #38

Read the entire Saturday Challenge series here, and check out all of my art-related posts here. Tell me - what are your favorite posts from this past year? What do you most enjoy reading about?

There are several more giveaways to come this week, but be sure to enter the ones I have already posted. Remember, you can enter all of them - find them in the list below! Have a beautiful Wednesday, my lovelies!


Lianne said...

There are so many amazing and inspiring posts on your blog, it's difficult to choose one. But I know that your Beautiful Beyond Measure post had the biggest impact on me. It made me cry and was everything I needed to hear. Talk about timing!

Thank you for being you and thank you for your amazing blog! <3

Ingrid said...

oh, sweetie! i'm so happy you like it so much! that one had a big impact on me, too.


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