23 May 2010

Marietta Day

Every year in May, my small hometown closes its main street and invites vendors to come and sell jewelry, food, junk, antiques, pottery, and art. It's so much fun! The town comes to life; the usually quiet streets are filled with a surprising number of people, dogs, and children, and there are so many interesting things to look at. Prices are incredibly low, and, by the end of the day, left over items are often given away for free.

I welcomed the opportunity to take some photos - my poor camera has been neglected as of late! Let's take a walk together through my sweet town.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


Brandi said...

Ingrid, that looks like so much fun. Oddly, I could almost hear the rubber duckies quacking.

KatW said...

I love this sort of community event. Thanks for sharing. X

Carlin said...

Great pictures. My small hometown had a similar day where they'd shut down Main street. I miss it!

Steffi said...



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