13 May 2010

Things I've Learned: Part 1

This morning, as I had my breakfast, I began two lists of things I learned this past year. One was of truths I have come to firmly believe in, things that have helped me grow personally; the other is a list of all those blogging tips I've picked up here and there and advice for bloggers, new and old alike. I'll share the first list here today.

Here's what I know so far:
  1. Never apologize for your feelings or for who you are. (Read more about this here.)
  2. Support and help others achieve their dreams when you can, but you remember that you deserve to succeed in your dreams, too, whatever they might be. This is not selfish.
  3. There is lots of sadness and violence in the world - if you look for it, you will see it; so too, if you actively look for beauty, love, and goodness, you will find it in abundance.
  4. You must learn to discipline and to push yourself; others will not always do so.
  5. Don't put yourself down in hopes that someone will argue.
  6. Too much modesty can be seriously damaging to one's self esteem. Praise yourself, and don't feel the tiniest bit guilty about it - you really are amazing!
  7. Fear is powerful, and courage can be difficult to find; nevertheless, you must always push yourself out of your comfort zone; face, welcome, and learn from failure. If you succeed in this, you will live an extraordinary and happy life.
  8. People are kind. People are even kinder if you are kind, too!
I do hope in another year I will have another list to share with you! Tell me, do you agree with what I've written above? Have things to add or to change? Please, share your thoughts!

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Hi Ingrid.
I saw your blog banner in an issue of artful blogging...and I came on over here to meet you!
i'm now your blog!

come by and see me too!
ciao bella
Creative Carmelina

Brandi said...

Ingrid, this list is amazing. You are always so inspiring. I like this idea, writing down what you've learned in a year. My biggest discovery: you should love what you do in life, but it's more important to love the person you're with; when you have that, you can get through anything.

I wish we lived close to each other. We'd be eating cake and laughing together.

Liberty said...

I totally agree!
Number 3, in particular, has changed my life. It's the same world as before, but now that I look for the positive, it seems so different (and wonderful :-)

Ingrid said...

hi, carmelina ~ thanks for visiting!

brandi, oh we most certainly would. and lots of other sugary things. ;)

liberty, it's amazing, isn't it?! there are so many quotes and sayings to the same effect - but i never quite believed them til i experienced it for myself. :)

Kerryanne English said...

Great list Ingrid.
My special word is CREATIVITY - I live it every day.

Lianne said...

Very good list with very true things! Love it! Always look on the bright side of life! :)

iHanna said...

I agree with everything, and if you've learned all of this you are well on your way to BLISS! You are amazing! I need to learn #4 most. I think it is very difficult to find the energy to push myself sometimes.

Ingrid said...

kerryanne, i find it so helpful to have a word to focus on! do you choose a new one every year/month?

lianne, absolutely. i've found that to choose positive thinking (but it takes a good deal of determination!) really changes your life experience for the better!

ihanna, thank you! for me, #4 and #7 are the two hardest for me. it's hard to push yourself and purposely risk failure for something!

Cecilia said...

You are an amazing woman. You taught me things today. Thank you for helping me to become even more of who I really am at heart!


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