02 June 2010

Summer Approaches

I arrived home on Monday night sunburned, happy, and covered in sand, smelling of ocean and sun lotion. I strongly believe the ocean can do amazing things for the soul and the spirit!

I was blown away yesterday when I realized that it's June. June! Every first-of-the-month post I write expresses amazement at how quickly time passes - I am genuinely surprised at how smoothly the days turn into months. The word for June is JOY - joy that summer is a mere few weeks away; joy that life is a beautiful, incredible journey; joy in the ability to create and imagine and wonder! I so look forward to fireflies dancing above the grass at twilight, swimming in cool water on sticky hot days, road trips, and bare feet! What are you celebrating in your life, and what are you joyful for?


Silver Strands said...

GREAT photos! I sure do love the beach and the feeling that stays with you even after you've left.

Can't wait to keep reading your posts!

Lianne said...

The beach is amazing! One of my favorite places.
I'm so glad the summer is approaching! In just a month I will be preparing for vacation! Time flies.

Joy is such a great word. I'm enjoying my life to the maximum right now! Don't know if I can be a more blessed and happy person than I am now!

You are loved Ingrid <3

Carlin said...

I am definately celebrating the warm weather and the sunshine! I absolutely love this time of year when it is so warm and comfortable during the day (others say it's too hot, but I'm always cold). Its like being enveloped by a giant hug that doesn't stop.

And I am joyful that in just 8 days I will be off for my own beach trip :-)

KatW said...

What a beautiful positive post. I also believe that the oceans & seas share a special magic.
Kat X

Brandi said...

Joy is just the most perfect word for this month. I'm so joyful to be back with loved ones. I needed to be hugged badly.

Whenever I felt lost in the past, I always went to the ocean. There's something about its vastness, the pulse of the waves that soothed me, and somehow when I left, I knew what to do.

Ingrid said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts, ladies! I love that, no matter where each of you live, we are all connected by the seas (among, of course, other things like kindness and blogging!).


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