15 July 2010

Interview on Art Journaling

Hello, dearests! I wrote this post before I heard the exciting news that Connie was inviting art journalers who hadn't been featured on her blog to share their stories on the last day in July. I've added more visual goodness and at the end you'll find the Short Bio that I hadn't included before. Thanks so very much for visiting - it's absolutely lovely to have you here!

If you want to conduct your own interview, you can add the link to Connie's list here.

July 2010. Blogged here.

There's an incredible celebration of all things art journal over at Connie Hozvicka's blog. All through the month of July, she is interviewing featuring an art journaler each (and every!) day - and let me tell you, there is some gorgeous stuff to be found there!

I asked Connie if I might be featured, but she told me that all the interview spots had been filled. No surprise there, as it's an incredible opportunity to get your name out, share your artwork, and perhaps snag a few more readers. I thought, though, that if I wasn't able to give an interview there I might share the answers to her questions here. Interested? Here we go!

April 2010. Originally blogged here.

December 2009. Originally blogged here.

*How long have you been art journaling?
I'm not quite sure exactly when it was - I began by dipping my toes into something I didn't yet know had its own name, unaware of others experimenting the same way as I. In high school I discovered book altering through (what I think was) this book, and played with the idea for some time before coming across the beauty that is art journaling blogs.
*How has art journaling impacted, changed, or enhanced your life?
Through art journaling I have become much more confident with my art. I have expanded my ability to express inner thoughts and emotion, and have become unafraid to play, experiment, and try new things. It's liberating!

June 2010.

*What are a few of your favorite art journaling materials to use?
Acrylic paint, glue sticks, magazine images, and my own handwriting. Other things I use: oil pastels, crayons, stamps, gel medium, image transfers, found ephemera, string, packing tape, masking tape, hole punches, watercolors, india ink, and gesso.
*Who are some of your favorite art journalers?
iHanna (whose interview with Connie can be found here, and who first introduced me to the term "art journaling"), Juliana Coles, Diana Trout, Samantha Kira, and Erin Kenepp - among many, many others. Go here to view my favorite art journal pages on Flickr!
*What kind of encouragement would you say to an art journal newbie?
Don't give up! It can be so hard to start - especially if you are focusing only on the final result and desperately want to be happy with your work, but haven't had the experience yet to create something you are proud of. Keep trying. Turn the page and start again. Keep painting, keep experimenting, keep working, push through the doubts and the possible disappointment, and with time you will find what styles, colors, and processes work for you!

March 2010. Originally posted here.

*Where can we contact you? Give us some link LOVE!
*Short Bio
Ingrid is a twenty-something living in a city for the first time in her life. These things inspire her; these are the things she strongly believes in. Read more about her and this blog here!

Finished art journal!

And there you have it! Do stop by Connie's project when you have a few spare minutes, and be prepared to be inspired. She will be interviewing new artists throughout the rest of the month, so be sure to check back often.
Lots of love,


Abby said...

Cool interview! I really love the concept of artjournal, especially getting to see the finished result.

Nolwenn said...

You know Ingrid, I would have loved too to be part of this awesomeness, but maybe another round ?

I thought too "what would I answer" :D
Thanks for sharing with us your own answers.

Take care !

spooky said...

Cool interview! Hopefully she will do it again sometime. You definitely deserve to be in the mix.
Oh, and I got my sketchbook project sketchbook in the mail yesterday! Have you started yours yet? I just did some brainstorming last night, but I haven't done anything in the book yet.

iHanna said...

oh, you sweet thing, thanks for the mention, and be on the lookout for me at connie's site soon. :-)

violette said...

Hi Ingrid........just wanted to drop by and say hello and let you know how much i love your journal page. Great interview!

Love, Violette

Ingrid said...

i'm so glad you enjoyed it, my loves!

spooky - i did get my sketchbook, but haven't done anything in it yet. i'm trying hard to finish my current art journal so that i can pour all my inspiration into the new one! shouldn't be too long now, and i'm so looking forward to starting!

rachel said...

Hi Ingrid, I stumbled on your blog via bohogirl, and just wanted to say how much I love you I did a little book-altering but haven't really done much collage/art journalling for a loooong time. You have inspired me to try again! :) xxx

Maggie May said...

those are beautiful pages.

Emily said...

What a great site you have here! So inspirational!

Connie said...

You are so awesome Ingrid!!!! I LOVE this interview...and I'll let you in on a little secret...July has 31 days--right, so on the 31st I would like to encourage all the awesome Artists that I unfortunately couldn't include this time in the project to please post their interview on their blog--then link it to a Mr. Linky that will be on DFS that day!!!

So, I hope you will participate and encourage others as well. Your work is so powerful and I love your passion for Art Journaling!!!

Big hugs!

ABCcreativity said...

hello ingrid!
great interview! you pages are amazing.

Nolwenn said...

It's even better with the pictures you added. i really love your style :D

Kristi said...

Such a fun interview, Ingrid! I love your colorful pages. They are just beautiful!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your interview and your journal pages! thanks for sharing.

Kim Switzer said...

Love your pages, especially the "change" spread. And thank you so much for the reminder to keep turning the page and making new pages!

Natasha said...

You are so filled with oozes from you, from your words and your pages. The Change page made me applaud - love it. What great glad you shared!

TopazPearleGirl said...

Great interview, gorgeous pages!!

Emie58 said...

Love your pages and I'll be bookmarking your site to visit again. Found you by way of Connie's blog.

judi parker said...

Hasnt the Month od awesome Blogs been wonderful? I enjoyed your interview, your work is interesting and beautiful.. I hope we all continue to prosper via ART JOURNALS
drop by my blog when you have a minute or two

judi parker


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