23 August 2010

And So it Goes

August has been a bit bare of posts, hasn't it? Frustratingly, my "borrowed" internet has been discovered by others, and so once again I struggle with a temperamental connection that has a grudge against uploading photos. I was asked some time ago about my written journal, and I'd hoped to be able to share some peeks with you today. I will have to postpone this for a little while, I think; my school dorm has wifi and I have high hopes that it will be conducive to blogging!

Today will be an incredibly busy day - it is my last before leaving this city after my short four month stay; Wednesday I will be moving to campus. My to-do list includes packing, sorting, and cleaning, and this morning I will finally head to the post office to send Tomo's package! I did try on Saturday, but arrived two hours after the building had closed. Tomo is looking forward to it just a bit, I think:
"OH MY GOSH!! I'm so excited!! It's all I've been thinking about these days!! .. I'm sososososososooooooooo thankful for everything you've done for me!! I really appreciate your hard work as well as that of others who have helped you help me."
I once wrote that it's a truly wonderful feeling to have someone make your day, but it's a thousand times better if you make theirs. At the moment, I believe that more than ever.

Wishing you a beautiful, creative, love-filled week!


Abby said...

Hope you can get good internet! Always look forward to your blog posts. Good luck moving on campus. I'm moving in about two weeks, and I kind of am looking forward to it and kind of not because I want summer to last forever. Lucky your school dorm has wifi... mine doesn't, sadly.

Brandi said...

Good luck with the move to campus and all the other things you have going on this week. What you did for Tomo was really so incredibly sweet!

Dyche Designs said...

Good luck with everything, hope it all goes smoothly.

It was a beautiful thing that you did for Tomo, I bet she can't wait to receive her package.


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