26 October 2010

Academics, Balance, and Creativity

As my tests ended and five beautiful, yet-to-be-filled days loomed before me, I was filled with a strong desire to create. I've painted some fabric to create more art dolls and have begun knitting a circular scarf - it feels so wonderful to be using my hands again!


Many days after starting this post, I am once again piled up to my neck in schoolwork. I have a new found appreciation for those who can balance blogging with full time jobs, intense college careers, and parents of small children! If I thought time was flying before, it is no comparison to how it has become a blur before me, as if I were spinning on a merry-go-round.

I miss creating. I miss playing. I miss having time to breathe. I miss blogging and connecting with each of you on a near-daily basis -- and yet I also enjoy being busy and feeling both productive and useful. I reflect on my word of the year, emerge, and am surprised about just how much I've lived into it; I've come out of my comfort zone, both literally and figuratively, and have come a long way in just one year.

It is a lifelong battle, I think, to achieve a good balance of needs and wants; too often our desires to create, relax, or enjoy oneself is put off an hour, a day, a month. The world rushes by us with an ever-present demand of deadlines and many of us struggle with the feeling that we are out of control of our own lives. While the pace of the world is unfortunate, remember that you are in control of your own actions, choices, and priorities.

You can lead your life; the consequences of your choices may be inevitable, yes, but it is up to you to suffer them or not. They do not by default define your actions. You are in control. This mode of thinking opens our minds to the possibility of spontaneity, opportunity, and freedom - which are, indeed, possibilities. As I've written in previous posts, refusing to take risks leads to ordinary, predictable outcomes. The act of taking a risk, however small, reminds us that we are masters of our own journeys. Try it out!

How are you, my lovelies? How is life treating you? Are you celebrating all that you've been blessed with? Are you remembering just how loved you are? Sending you lots of good wishes from my small corner of the world.


Brandi said...

I've gotten better at that balance -- and I was really determined to hold onto it as I started this school year. So far, so good, though sometimes I remind myself that it's really important to have a lazy day here and there and not feel like I need to be productive every day. Hope you keep discovering that balance, my dear! Make some time to be creative any way you can.

Dyche Designs said...

Sounds like you've been crazy busy but I bet it feels good to be creative.

Autumn is my favorite season so I've been embracing it with open arms as I continue to create new mixed media art canvases. I love how I lose track of time when I'm painting.

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a well written and beautiful post~!!


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