01 October 2010

Blue Skies and Yellow Leaves

Taken 2009.

October announced itself this morning with deliciously autumnal weather - breezy and cool, tempting me with the promise of a beautiful season. I am beginning to accept that summer is over and a new season has begun. This is a lovely month, filled with red-tinted leaves, pumpkins, harvested corn, and chilly nights; bonfires with good friends, thick blankets, and steaming mugs of hot tea are an absolute necessity!

In academic land, mid-terms are, incredibly, already approaching. Time flies so quickly, but when your days are filled from top to bottom with to do lists and looming deadlines the hours rush by in a blur! Tell me, how have you lovelies been in the past four weeks? What have you struggled with? What have you accomplished? What projects have you started or added to your list of "Things to Try Someday"?

I propose that the new word of the month be nurture - this October, have a greater focus on your art, your health, and your passions. Nurture yourself. Take a moment or two to breathe and allow yourself to center, and challenge yourself to grow in even the minutest of ways. (If you need some ideas to jump start creative exploration, check out Daisy Yellow's Creative Experiments for October or iHanna's list of 49 Creative Things You Can Do Today.) What else could you nurture, and what else about you could be nurtured?

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, my loves.


Chel said...

So glad to see a newpost from you. I love the idea of NURTURING this month. I needed permission for that- thank you. Have a lovely weekend :)

Lara D. said...

Glad you've been well! The start of a semester is all about re-focusing, but yes, this is definitely the time that things get hectic and to-do list-y. Remember to stay focused, dear. And make sure you nurture yourself, too!

The past four weeks have been frantic here--I just moved from the woods to the big city! But one of my closest friends lives in this city, and the rest of my friends and family are now only 45 minutes away. So this October is definitely about nurturing for me--being close to loved ones consistently for the first time in years is making my heart very very happy.

Brandi said...

I just finished my first week of school, so no midterms for me yet (actually none at all since I'm a grad student). I'm glad to hear you've been getting through things there, even if it's stolen you away from writing more regularly. I'll just drink up whatever little bits I can get, and this post is such a beautiful one. Nurture is a perfect word for October, though I need to think a bit about how I'm going to put it in play. Hope you have a gorgeous weekend, friend!

Michelle said...

I know - midterms already?! Time has been FLYING for me too. I'm glad you are doing well, even if you're busy!

Nurture is a perfect word this month for me, too. I need to remember to take time every once in awhile just to give myself a break!

Makavetis said...

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Thank you


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