01 November 2010

Summer, Good Night

Dear November,

You arrived this morning with a rush of cold air, and I wore my winter coat all day for the first time this year. It is now the midst of autumn and I can ignore that fact no longer! October's leaves are absolutely beautiful, most still clinging to the trees and many floating enchantingly down to cover the chilly earth. Nights are frigid and the frost will come soon. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year wait around the corner, much closer than we think.

Last month was a bit of a challenge for me as I began and continue to relearn how to balance work and play. I must admit that I did not work on a single page of my art journal last month. My creative endeavors, in fact, were limited to a knitted circular scarf, currently waiting for a finishing crochet border; a homemade Halloween costume; and painted fabric waiting to be made into art dolls. Of course, many doodles were made among my class notes, and now happily dance with my handwriting when the pages are closed. I wrote a ten page play for a class as well.

Are you, perhaps in a similar situation? Darling, if your free time to paint or creative inklings ebb and flow, I must gently remind you that this means that you are no less of an artist than if you were sewing, drawing, sculpting, writing, or painting every hour of every day. Everyday life is something that happens, well, everyday - to every single one of us. It is natural and it is inevitable, and you have no need to be ashamed. Being an artist does in no way mean you must give up life as you know it, but it is true also that life as you know it should not prevent you from being an artist. You must never give up trying to follow your passions, even if you only spend a few minutes each day or week on them!

I believe the noun perseverance is the appropriate for the new word of the month - the long trek through the dark winter months can be difficult and disheartening, yet we must remember and dream of the beautiful, luscious spring that awaits on the other side. The only thing to do is persevere. Here I come!


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Brandi said...

Perseverance is definitely the word. I'm exhausted. My quarterly break down arrived earlier than expected and I honestly am questioning how I'm going to make it through the year. I will, but I need a good long break. Some quiet. And a whole lot of baking.

Hope things are well for you, Ingrid. I miss your beautiful presence on here, but I'm glad you get to post when you do.

Dyche Designs said...

It definitely feels as though Winter has finally arrived here too, the colder days are welcome after such a long hot summer. Balancing work and play can be a struggle, hope you're able to enjoy both.


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