29 September 2010

The Return

Autumn leaves, taken 2009.

Hello, dear little blog!

The past few weeks have served as a lovely breather, allowing me to adjust to my new classes and settle once again into academic life. Autumn has arrived. Today is Michaelmas. My Beloved is flying home as we speak after a wonderful two-week stay.

And I am looking forward to sinking once more into my art and embracing my creativity, and returning to near-regular posting here on My Peacetree.

I have missed you. It's good to be home!

01 September 2010

Sweet September

Ahh, September! The month of lengthening nights, cooler days, and transition between two seasons. In just a few weeks Autumn will begin, though the hot, humid days may linger for a while still. Enjoy these remaining days filled with sunshine, green, and warmth!

School has started for many, myself included. I suspect that blogging will slow these next months due to my heavy workload, though I will certainly do my best to maintain some sort of rhythm, as this space truly is my haven.

In this moment, I feel that the word stretch is appropriate for the new word of the month - September is perfect to stretch your mind through creative or academic endeavors and challenge yourself with new concepts; alternately (or additionally), you can stretch your limbs and your body to prepare for a long, sleepy winter. Check out Daisy Yellow for some creative challenges for this month!

Happy Thursday, loves!

PS. Your response to my last post was moving; I am humbled by your kindness and understanding and I do hope that Tomo will read your comments and feel surrounded by love, peace, and support from all you wonderful individuals.


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