06 December 2010

The Warriors of Winter


From beyond the window of my little room I can hear the wind barreling through the branches of the bare trees. Today it is icy cold and my nose and fingertips turn pink when I venture outdoors.

My absence from My Peacetree over Thanksgiving was quite unintentional, and I do feel it necessary to offer a bit of an explanation. While 2009 was a year of Being Stuck, 2010 has been a year of overwhelming and astonishing Change. I moved to a new city, then to a new state and new school; I have been finding new friends, having new experiences, making new adjustments, and meeting new challenges, and my mind has been struggling to be present in and to process all that I've been through in eleven short months.

I encountered still more change when two weekends ago I went home for a traditional family homecoming. I arrived, instead of the house I know and love, to a new home in a new town with new soon-to-be step siblings and step father. A good deal of the time since arriving back at University last week has been spent slowing wading through the mudslide of emotion that buried me during the Thanksgiving holiday.


December arrived with quite a presence, rainy and grey, eager to fulfill its duties as the first winter month. Woolen sweaters and thick scarves have dominated my wardrobe as of late, and I am on the lookout for a warm, sturdy pair of boots to carry me through the winter.

I do not for a minute believe that it is too soon to think about New Years resolutions and hopes, dreams, and goals for 2011; the speed at which this year is passing guarantees that January will be here in a heartbeat. Therefore, I propose that this the last word of the month for this year should be savor.

Drink in every moment. Reminisce about the old year, and dream about the new. Savor this beautiful time between the end and the beginning, and embrace the magnitude of what is to come. In this month, live fully. Breathe deeply. Notice and appreciate the small things; savor the big and the beautiful things. Immerse yourself in the inner and outer worlds!


I have sadly accepted that my presence here simply cannot be as regular as it has been in the past; this is another change, a significant one, and one which prompts me to let go of my expectations of "How a Blog Should Be". My posts' frequency will simply have to ebb and flow as the world around me allows. I absolutely do not want to give up this beautiful project that has given me so much as introduced me to such lovely, kind, creative individuals, and have high hopes that at some point in the future I will be able to blog with more regularity.

Thank you so very much for your understanding, dearests. Much love to you all.

02 December 2010

Quick Note

Hello, my beauties!

Finals are approaching and I have been so very, very busy. If you can bear with me, I will post December's word of the month this weekend and give you some explanation for my absence. I hope you are well. Miss you all!



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