31 December 2011

Celebrating Silvester

Hello, dear friends, and happy New Year's Eve!

I am in Germany, spending some time with my Lovely - and tonight, celebrating the arrival of the new year, called 'Silvester' in German - before I begin classes here in a little over a week. My absence on the blog was unplanned; December has been a whirlwind of traveling, friends and family, visits, gifts, errands, and preparations for my study abroad. In addition, the very first weekend after the end of the semester, I left my poor camera in a cab. I called many times, but haven't gotten it back, nor do I expect to. I feel so lost without it, as if part of my artistic voice is missing. I am incredibly grateful that with my Christmas money and some help from my dad I will be getting a used one soon. I am so blessed.

2012 is just a few hours away. I have been reflecting this month on what 2011 has brought me: healing, growth, relief, tears, suffering, inspiration, excitement, understanding, and a realization of both my limitations and my potential. This has been a breakthrough year for me, and I am confident that I am on the right path headed into a beautiful future. I am coming into my own Self, and I am humbled and grateful for all that I have encountered, experienced, and gained.

I have chosen my new word for the year: expand. When I say it aloud or in my mind, I envision the Universe expanding at unbelievable speeds into new corners of undiscovered space, filling the darkness with light and dance and wonder. I hope that for the next year, I will continue to grow spiritually and creatively, and will dream grander than ever. I hope to fill the world with light and magic as best I can.

Have you chosen a word to focus on through the coming months? What are you celebrating or mourning right now? How will you be celebrating the new year? What dreams are you envisioning for yourself? How will you celebrate the evening?

Wishing you the very best for all that is to come.
All my love!

01 December 2011

Dreams of Things to Come

December already? Where has the year gone?

I sit here in the library, knowing I should be preparing for end of semester exams and putting together long papers, but my attention is elsewhere. I am reflecting on the year that is now nearly behind us: my creative projects, my goals, my disappointments, my steps forward. I think about how far I have come in just twelve months.

And I dream about the future, too, and what it will hold: several months spent abroad, the end of my time at 21 Secrets, new ideas and projects, a final year at university. I look beyond 2012 – the real world looms, full of possibility and opportunity. What is it that I want to do with my life? What am I most passionate about? What steps can I take to bring these dreams to life? What is it that I want to bring to the world?

Soon, too, I will choose a new word of the year. In 2010 it was emerge; in 2011, honesty. This little task of choosing a single word or phrase to represent my goals, dreams, and hopes for the new year has been enlightening, and I believe that it does have an effect on the journey I take throughout the following days and months. Will you choose a word this year?

While I don't much care for the dark and chill of the winter months, I do love the reflection and stillness that December brings. It gives me time to pause and make wishes (and plans) for the next chapters of my life.  The New Year is magical, too, offering a world of possibilities of the most scrumptious, adventurous, enchanting kind. There is so much beauty in the world! Life is such a gift!

Happy, happy December, my dear friends!

28 November 2011

Random Assortment

Hello again, friends!

I am in a dreamy state of mind today, my thoughts scattered. I have a long to do list and many tidbits to share - like the fact that I left my poor camera at home and we won't be reunited until Christmas break.

Oh yes, and Thanksgiving. The holiday snuck up on me, and only now I'm left looking back on all the wonderful things that have happened this year for which I am so incredibly grateful, for the good in my life and those incredible things to come. A short list of gratitude:
  • My family. Words can't express how much I love them.
  • My sweet boyfriend, who has been so patient and supportive this year, even from thousands of miles away.
  • Learning, if slowly, how to reach out for help when it is most needed.
  • Art journaling. I'll need a new book soon.
  • Plans to study abroad in Germany this spring and summer. The plane ticket has been bought; I will see my love in just thirty days!
  • A new warm winter coat.
  • A full belly, a roof over my head, and clean water to drink. 
I am so incredibly blessed.

Other news comes to mind, too, like newly listed prints and a journal in my Etsy shop. Last night I made three mini journals – like my own here – and have a button to sew onto a new leather journal I've made, but without my Nikon I don't know when they will be listed for sale.

And lastly I wanted to share with you a new word I've discovered, one that rolls from the tongue like a laughing brook: quiddity. It means "the inherent nature or essence". What a lovely thought!

Wishing you a magnificent week, loves.

P.S. Check out my Be Inspired page to find the most recent art journal blogs I've discovered. This one is my current favorite!

21 November 2011

Easy Peasy Collage

One of my long-time readers Erica recently requested a video of my collaging technique. Here it is, lovely: quick and hopefully enlightening! Collaging is simple, meditative, and fantastic for starting a textured base layer or for adding detail on top of paint. It requires no special materials and takes just a moment of your time, too; before I edited it, this video was just over twelve minutes long.

Having been on my own art journaling journey for several years, I often lose sight of what might be helpful to share with beginner journalists. If you have any suggestions or requests, I'd love to hear them! What techniques are you unsure about or would like to learn about (or learn more about)? You can write me here or by sending me an email at mypeacetree2 (at) gmail (dot) com, and you can submit anonymous questions here.

All my love!

08 November 2011

White Collage / Learning Balance

"You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don't have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you're still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something, too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself." - Frederick Terral

For the past few months I have been submerged in a rushing torrent of academic work, struggling against a current so strong I had no time to breathe, sleep, create, or in fact do my best in classes. I found the strength last week - with much help, especially from my dear brother - to let go of a class in which I was doing fairly well academically but which was severely draining me mentally. And, just like that, I find that I am lighter, happier, and have once again found the time to take care of myself and create.

It's a hard lesson learned; I am fiercely dedicated to things to which I commit, and backing out always feels like I am admitting failure. Yet, while perseverance is in many cases seen as a positive trait, neglecting to give yourself what you need is not.

I am on a quest for balance - balance of emotions, in giving and receiving, of selflessness and selfishness. I am learning, slowly, when to say no, and how feel less guilty in acknowledging that I deserve rest, love, and joy. So, today I forced (yep, forced) myself to turn off the computer and phone and paint for an hour. I created the spread above, a collage of papers and gesso and candy wrappers. And I felt lighter, and happier, and that I was taking care of myself.

And I will continue to practice gentleness with me, starting again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. This, darlings, is a journey of healing through art and self compassion.

What could you do to show yourself kindness?

04 November 2011

Love Note to You

Everything, love, is going to be alright.

In spite of all the loneliness, the horrible days, the darkness, and the tears,
In spite of the hopelessness and the anger and frustration, the feeling of being
   misunderstood and unloved,
In spite of your gremlins whispering to you in the dark,
In spite of the heartbreak and uncertainty and hopelessness -

Everything is going to be alright.

You are loved. You are radiant, bright as the moon, glowing from the inside out. You are wanted, deeply; needed, important, essential, irreplaceable, magnificent. You have so much to give to the world.

You are loved - loved for every single fragile part of your whole, spectacular, captivating, deep, beautiful being.

23 October 2011

Creative Education

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but the excitement was too much.

Have you seen this? Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, is one of the world's leading proponents of creativity and imagination in schools. I came across another TED Talk he gave (here) some time ago, and was hugely inspired by his dreams for the future.

I realized just today that the lethargy and frustration I've been experiencing in school since the very beginning of high school and up to this very moment is due to my disinterest in what is being taught. Yes, there are classes here and there that completely captivate my attention, but they are few and far between. The last one I was exceptionally interested in was my playwriting class in the fall of last year. I so wish I could take more creative classes, but my status as a transfer student limits the flexibility in my schedule to graduation.

I have always been interested in art and working with children. As the years pass, I find that my resolution to do what I can to change a failing education system and follow my heart toward an artistic career are growing stronger; excitingly, my discovery of art journaling, passion for creativity, and my growing knowledge of and indignation at the consequences of inequality in education opportunities are not incompatible. My passion for these, however, is causing me to be ever eager to leave university and do something instead of simply reading about it.

Education is so important, my lovelies; so too is creativity. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the successes and failures of education in your own lives and how creativity has affected you - whether you were told you were never going to be an artist, you found yourself through art, or (is it possible?) you never gave it a second thought.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." /Albert Einstein

More resources:

22 October 2011

Hodge Podge

I have been working on this self portrait for a little over a week. I can't decide if it really looks like me or not, and keep opening my art journal to add just a highlight or a shadow and end up changing a large part of it. The eyes are the most difficult to capture, I find; they really do seem to hold the soul of a person, even on paper.

I've been having quite a semester - I realized too late that I have completely overcommitted myself and that my capacity to do all of the things I initially said "yes" to is limited. I am tired and stressed and find that I have no time to do the things I love to do: read, paint, write, take photographs, blog. This is a clear message that I need to have realistic expectations of myself and that learning to say "no" is just as important as, say, eating well. My goodness, though, how hard that is!

Over the past few months I have been thinking about many big concepts and questions, the stuff of Plato and Aristotle. I wonder about what it means to be human, really - what our responsibilities and our gifts are, what it means to be a conscious being, and the relationships between the wealthy and the poor, affluent and struggling countries, and conflict and peace. There is so much suffering in the world, and I realize more and more every day how incredibly blessed I am to have the opportunities I do. You are blessed, too, dearest.


Check out this good stuff:
  • Goddess Leonie's brand new book! I just bought a copy and reading it is like a dear friend whispering beautiful, kind things to me. It's only $10 for the next few weeks!
  • Have you signed up for the Sketchbook Project yet? I won't be participating in it this year due to my schedule, but I think you should take part and have your sketchbook tour the country!

15 October 2011

Photo a Day: The Conclusion

Day 29 / July 29, 2011

Day 30 / July 30, 2011

Day 31 / July 31, 2011

I promised this post more than two months ago: the wrap-up to the photo-a-day project I did during the month of July. This self imposed challenge was wonderful, a perfect formula of ease and a doable length of time. I highly suggest you give it a try!

See week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4.

Here is what I learned:

  • I am not one to follow through on projects. While my initial enthusiasm is enormous, my focus soon wanes and I move on to new things.
  • That being said, shorter or smaller projects are much more likely to get finished. (And I am so proud of myself when I do finish!)
  • Taking a photo a day made me to really pay attention: what is beautiful? What is unique? What is memorable? It was a welcomed awareness.
  • Time passes very, very quickly. Often it would be twilight before I had remembered to take my photo.
  • I am a very picky photographer. I may take scores of photos, and truly like only one.
  • As the weeks went on, it became more and more challenging to take photos that weren't repetitive: there are only so many unique shots one can take of flowers or the sky!
  • The final collection of photos is one that I am proud of, with the exception of the second day. The blurriness was not something I had realized before it became too dark to replace it.
  • The very last photo (seen above) is my favorite of all, I think. Its simplicity, softness, stillness, and shades of summery green are magical. It is of drops of water from the sprinkler. Which, of all of them, do you like best?

I would certainly consider doing a photo-a-day for a month again, perhaps in a new season. For my next project? I'd love to try taking a photo-an-hour for one day. 

Thanks so much for joining me throughout this journey, my loves. If you begin your own thirty or thirty-one day challenge, please leave a link in the comments!

10 October 2011

The Crazy Ones

Stand out. Try something new. Take a risk. Ask questions. Dream, explore, and create. Be you, press ever onward, and change the world.

08 October 2011

Journal Flip

 Music: All of Me by Billie Holiday

I woke up this morning to warm rays of sunlight streaming through the window. That's my very favorite: when I can start the day slowly, reveling in the quiet of the morning and the beauty of the world, and can fully experience the transition from the world of dreams to the world of life.

It's been the busiest semester yet, and I am so grateful to be enjoying a three day weekend - plenty of time to catch up on sleep, get lots of work done, paint, and even create the little video above. Many of the pages in my journal are in progress, unfinished, but I like the idea of recording the changes that will occur over the next months. Enjoy!

Wishing you sunshine, stillness, and inspiration this weekend!
All my love,

PS. A very happy birthday to my dear mama, too!

02 October 2011

Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of the My Memories digital art software is...

Congratulations, Christa! You'll receive an email soon with all the details.

And thanks so much, too, for all the lovelies who entered. I truly appreciate it! Remember, My Peacetree readers get a $10 discount when buying the My Memories Suite software! Just enter the code STMMMS34177 when completing your purchase. You'll also get a $10 coupon for the online store, which is filled with digital packages for as low as $0.99!

A small note: While there were fourteen comments to the giveaway, one was a reader submitting an email correction; the actual number of entries was thirteen, thus the range of 1-13 listed above.

30 September 2011

Note to Self

Happy, happy Friday! I wonder if it's been as crazy a week for you as it has been for me? I can nearly hear the days wooshing by, and last week already feels like it happened years ago. And it's almost October - really? How in the world did that happen?!

I hope you're planning exciting and wondrous and lovely adventures (or perhaps comfy, sleepy, restful days) this weekend. I'm looking forward to catching up on schoolwork, putting together some packages to ship out, painting, and sleeping.

Two important announcements for you today, lovelies:

   Today is the very, very last day to sign up for 21 SECRETS. This is the last chance for you to take part in an incredible community of hundreds of artists teaching and learning from one another; last chance for you to take part in twenty one original online art workshops and learn countless new techniques, projects, prompts, and inspirations from twenty one amazing teachers. At 12:00 tonight, 21 SECRETS registration is closed for good, but the magic will continue behind closed doors until the New Year - you will be registering to take part in three more months of exploration, discovery, and magic.
   Please consider joining in on an experience that will leave you breathless with creative energy, amazing insights, and new friends around the world. There is a special price - only $49.99 - for the rest of the day. Click here to read more about each workshop (including my own!) and to register.

A spread made in the process of creating my 21 SECRETS 
workshop, "Beautiful You, Radiant You."

   Today is also the last day of my giveaway! Enter by midnight tonight to win a completely free and totally scrumptious digital art program from MyMemories. Check out more details here! I'll pick a winner sometime this weekend.

And a bonus announcement: Connie Hozvicka is going to be a mama! She is the owner of Dirty Footprints Studio, the founder of the 21 SECRETS, Big, Inner Breath, and Deep workshops, and is one of the most incredible, deeply kind, women I have ever come to know. She glows from the inside out. And she's going to be such a wonderful mother to a very luck little one. Won't you go wish her a big congratulations and send her some love?

Have a marvelous weekend, friends, and happy Michaelmas!

28 September 2011

Featured Artist: Aimee of Artsyville

Oh no! I've just realized that I haven't yet posted on the most fabulous Aimee of Artsyville! She is an incredible woman and artist, and I'm so glad that I noticed my mistake in time to share her loveliness here before 21 Secrets registration closes in just a few days.

You see, Aimee is teaching a workshop there – did you know it's all online? – called 3 Little Words; it's bursting with writing prompts and fun and creative exercises with words intended to inspire your art journal pages!

And just because I love you all so much (okay, it's really because Connie loves you all so much), there's extra delicious news: from now until this Friday, 21 Secrets is discounted to a very special price of $49.99! Hurry up, lovelies - at 11:59 on September 30, registration will be closed for good. Click here for more information and to register!

Aimee is a mastermind at lettering, creating beautiful and inspirational messages, and creating gorgeous, rich, colorful backgrounds. She has been published in many places, including several art journaling books and in Art Journaling magazine. I would love to get a poster of her work to frame on my wall! This one would be perfect, I think.

Won't you go pay Aimee a visit? You can find her at her blog, Artsyville; be sure to check out all the colorful goodness in her Etsy shop, too. And do have a look at 21 Secrets - there is so much wonderful inspiration and creativity happening there, with twenty one online workshops about art and art journaling from twenty one fabulous teachers, including yours truly! 

Here is that link to registration once again.

25 September 2011

Wonderful, Silly, Amazing Life

Colored leaves, autumn 2010.

Last Tuesday evening, I was in a car accident. I remember the headlights coming straight towards me, growing alarmingly larger.

Miraculously, I'm not seriously injured. I walked away with a small scrape and several bruises, but the reality of it is that I was quite literally two feet away from death: the car crashed into the front right wheel well, a very short distance from where I was sitting in the front passenger seat.

It is this thought that is slowly growing to recognition in my mind – how by such narrow margins I'm walking, talking, and breathing today – and, to be honest, it's incredibly difficult to wrap my head around. I've lost two close friends in the past few years, and another sweet friend recently had her own awakening to mortality. I am finding that I am more deeply saddened by these experiences than my own, and this surprises me.

Life is a funny thing. We grow so comfortable in our bodies and with the tiny details in our lives: the routine of coffee in the morning, the uncertainty of picking out the perfect outfit for a night out, the hustle to finish a project before a deadline. These little things become so important to us and often become the main focus of our lives; it's so easy to forget how enormous the Universe is and how beautiful the world is.

We forget to enjoy food, music, and art as if it were the first time we were experiencing it. We forget how incredibly lucky we are to be here, experiencing this: with all its ups and downs, bad hair days, sadnesses and sufferings and mistakes, life is a grand adventure, filled with the most amazing things and the most lovely people.

Our mere existence is more wondrous than we could ever imagine.

Today I invite you to look at the world with new eyes and consider, no matter your circumstances, how magnificent it is to be alive.

PS. There are lots of giveaways going on right now! Check out Natty's 300th post celebration, iHanna's Raw Journaling giveaway, and my digital art software giveaway! Also, 21 Secrets registration is open for just one more week – last chance to sign up!

18 September 2011

Giveaway! My Memories Digital Scrapbook Software

My goodness, lovelies, but I've been busy! This week especially has been particularly insane, bursting at the seams with deadlines and assignments and places to be. I haven't had the time to sit down and paint for a while, and hope that this next week I'll find an hour here and there to sink into the pages of my art journal.

I did, though, create the digital collage above! I used a program called My Memories; it's actually intended for scrapbooking, but the possibilities really are endless, with hundreds of papers, embellishments, textures, shapes, graphics, photo options, and more. And guess what? I'm giving away one free My Memories Suite software package!

(Please note that I turn down quite a few offers for payment for promotion of websites and products because they are not right for this blog. This software is something I truly like and I hope will be fun and inspirational to you as well!)

This software is incredibly simple to use, and offers great control over placement, color, size, shapes, layering, et cetera. It's ranked #1 on Amazon! In addition to creating scrapbook layouts, you can put together photobooks, cards, and calendars to share. I'd also really love to try:
  • Printing out a finished "collage" (or several!) and using it in my physical art journal.
  • Making custom pages and using them as background collage material in my art.
  • Starting a collage on the computer and completing it by hand, adding details and doodles.
  • Creating a book and then painting on its pages, using it as an art journal.
You could use this program to explore a certain theme or idea before expanding on it in your own journal, too. Like I said - so many possibilities!

Onward – to the giveaway!
Rules for entry:

1. Check out the My Memories website and leave a comment on this post about favorite digital paper pack or layout!
2. For additional entries, spread the word! Tweet about this giveaway, like My Memories on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter; and be sure to leave a separate comment here for each action taken!
3. Please (please, please, please!) include an email address in each entry. If you do not, your entry will not be counted.
4. I will pick a winner randomly on Friday, September 30th and announce it on the blog. The winner will be emailed all the details on how to claim their prize!
Be sure to check out their blog, too. And finally, My Peacetree readers are being offered a special discount code for purchasing the My Memories Suite software! It has no expiration date and can be used again and again. Enter STMMMS34177 when completing your purchase, and you'll get a $10 discount plus a $10 coupon for the My Memories store!

Good luck, loves!

    10 September 2011

    The Wholehearted

    I recently found this beautiful video from fellow blogger Brené Brown. The things she addresses here – vulnerability, shame, courage, and worthiness – are very close to my heart, expressed in part in this post last month.

    Sending so much love to you this weekend.

    04 September 2011

    It's in the Details

    In the midst of all the newness of starting another academic term, I've managed to find some time to work in my art journal. Admittedly, part of this has to do with the fact that the library was closed for several days and I was waiting for my new computer to be delivered – there were few things to do!

    I love how this spread turned out: it's brightly colored and full of fun details. It became a tribute to the summer, with its warmth, adventure, and sun-filled days. And the flap below? In July my silly brother decided to do a flip into the swimming pool and cracked his forehead open with his knee. I'm not quite sure how it happened. (Don't you worry, he has completely healed!)

    I don't often do themed journal pages; I'm more inclined to follow my instinct and play with layers, colors, and texture as I go. It's such fun, though, to break away from the familiar and delve into an unexplored technique. Do you often use themed prompts to guide a journal spread?

    Check out more photos here.

    01 September 2011

    Mini Journal: The End!

    Hello, loves! I have been computerless for the past week, waiting for a nearly brand new Mac to make its way to me, its delivery waylaid by hurricane Irene. Soon! I am looking forward to sharing new posts with you soon, but in the meantime, here is the wrap-up of my self-made collage book, put together a few weeks ago. Hope you're doing splendidly!

    I have a special place in my heart for small journals. Here are the last pages of my smallest art journal yet, created and filled in the UK several years ago. (See parts one and two.) The raven in the second to last photo was a gift from the amazing Violette, who is teaching at 21 Secrets with me!

    The end

    25 August 2011

    Autumn's Approach

    Sparks from a summer campfire.

    Hello, darlings!

    Thank you so, so much for such beautiful, kind, shining responses to my last post. They made me a bit weepy and caused my heart to overflow with gratitude and love. I am so blessed to know such an incredible group of people!

    It's been a busy week, as I've been preparing to move back to campus in just a few days. Classes begin on Monday, and then begins a landslide of deadlines, research, sleep deprivation, and general intensity. While I'm looking forward to cooler nights and the trees put on their annual fiery display, I will miss so much about summer: bare feet, glowing skin kissed by the sun, diving into a cool swimming pool, the hum of cicadas and katydids in the warm night, and regular blogging.

    Last winter I did my best to keep up My Peacetree in the midst of my academic year, but time flies so quickly when there are endless papers to write and articles to read that my posts were sparse. I must be honest with myself and see that the possibility of this happening again is not unrealistic.

    I love so much about this space: the presence of beautiful, creative, kind people; discovery, exploration, and growth in so many spheres; a place to share my artistic journey and to hear from others on the same path. I love connecting, creating, dreaming, photographing, musing, celebrating, overcoming, learning, and stretching. I love this space so dearly, just as I love each and every one of you who help to make this incredible community.

    While the next few months seem daunting at the moment, I will do my best to find moments here and there to share all that's happening in my world. I have a few posts already written, and if you are interested in doing a guest post, I'd love to hear your ideas! You can contact me here or send me an email at mypeacetree2 (at) gmail (dot) com. Woohoo!

    Oh yes, and happy Friday! What deliciousness are you up to this weekend?

    17 August 2011

    Truest Truth

    It's been a very long time since I had the courage to write anything truly personal here. As I've hinted at before, this year has been an achingly difficult one, and I have had to endure some incredibly difficult situations that have ripped open excruciatingly painful wounds from the past, particularly from my childhood. The truth of it all is that I can't – even for myself – find the words to express or sort through the emotional responses to this year.

    I hope one day to be able to share without reservation my experiences in order to help those in similar circumstances, but today the pain is too raw and close, and words fail me. (Update: I have told my story here.)

    We all have been in the midst of difficult situations – every last one of us. We are human, after all, and life is made of challenges to be overcome. Along the way we learn things, messages introduced when battling obstacles. In good moments, we tell ourselves that we are strong and resilient; in moments of fear or disappointment we whisper negative things to ourselves, words like "failure" and "incompetent". And the funny thing is that, the longer we tell ourselves these unhappy things, the more firmly we come to believe it, regardless of whether or not it was ever true.

    What have you been telling yourself, love? On my worst days, I find myself believing that I am stupid, unappreciated, invisible, and completely alone. I have felt guilty and angry and ashamed and unloveable. And I have cried many, many tears.

    The reason I'm sharing this today is that I believe I am not alone in this inner struggle. This world can be harsh sometimes, and, I think, often leads us to think that if we are not perfect – if we are not skinny, tall, tan, young, brown-eyed, blue-eyed, or green-eyed enough; if we can't paint like Rembrandt or van Gogh; if we aren't that blogger who posts every other day with stories from an impossibly perfect life; if we don't have smooth, glowing skin; if we can't find love; if we have bad hair days; if we have troubles and concerns and worries – if we aren't perfect enough, then we're not good enough.

    If you, sweet reader, have been struggling silently with these doubts about your own worth, I have a message for you, one that is far greater than any negative whisper you have ever told yourself. This message doesn't come from me, but from all the love that makes up this beautiful Universe, something eternal and ever present, something that speaks only truth. It's a message just for you, darling.

    You are loved.

    You – sweet, strong, kind, creative you – are perfect.
    You are good, and whole, and you are on the right path.

    You are enough.

    And all the love that makes up everything, the love that coaxes flower petals from tight buds, that makes the stars twinkle and the cicadas sing, that brings hope and joy and comfort to people around the globe, this love is enveloping you, holding you tightly in a big bear hug and filling you up with happiness and peace. It is holding you, now and always.

    Breathe it in, beautiful. Trust it.
    Everything is going to be alright.

    13 August 2011

    Another Peek into a Little Book

    Hello, darlings!
    Here are more pages from my little journal, made in England in 2007. Which spread do you like best?

    07 August 2011

    Mini Journal Pages

    Nearly four years ago, I decided to move to England to live and work in a community of young special needs individuals. When I arrived I was nineteen years old and knew no one, and I was incredibly excited to do something meaningful in a foreign country. I brought with me no art supplies, as I had only just begun exploring art journaling.

    During my year-long stay, I dived into iHanna's beautiful blog and became so intrigued that I created a very small journal from scrap paper, borrowed paint from the art cupboard, collected all the paper scraps I could find, and experimented with all the brand new techniques I was learning.

    Here are the first pages:

    What I so love about the size - it's only about 3 x 4 inches (7.5 x 10 cm) - is that I had no fear of messing up a page or of wasting supplies. At the same time, it was just right to explore new techniques in without worrying about how to pull a whole page together.

    More to come soon!

    05 August 2011

    Art Journal Inspiration

    Hello, darlings! Happy, happy August!

    I apologize for my absence this past week; time seemed to slip by more quickly than usual! I've been working on some exciting things, like submitting my artwork to Art Journaling magazine for publication (wish me luck!) and writing out a plan for a new art journaling online workshop. If you have any thoughts about what content you would be interested in learning, please share! You can write me here or leave a message in the comments.

    In regards to ongoing projects, I do have one confession: I still haven't taken the last two photos for my month long daily photography project! Once I do that, however, I will write a special post to share my thoughts on the entire process and any tips for those interested in doing a similar project.

    For now, let me share a tiny fraction of the hundreds of photos I've favorited on Flickr. Click the image below to view larger. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


    29 July 2011

    Photo a Day: Week 4

    Day 22 / July 22, 2011

    Day 23 / July 23, 2011

    Day 24 / July 24, 2011

    Day 25 / July 25, 2011

    Day 26 / July 26, 2011

    Day 27 / July 27, 2011

    Day 28 / July 28, 2011

    See week 1, week 2, week 3! I can't decide which is my favorite this week. Which do you like?

    And two more lovely things:

    • Goddess Leonie – how to describe her? She is light-filled and wise and silly and giggly and beautiful. Four of her amazing e-courses start on July 31: one for business owners, one for creatives, one to reset your body, and one to reset your home. Sign up for these and much, much more here!
    • The beautiful Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio has offered to help bring your wishes and prayers to the Universe. Submit yours here.
    Happy, happy weekend, friends!


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