22 January 2011

Reflections on 2010, Part II

Last year my word was "emerge" - and emerge I did, into change and newness and activity galore! This new year snuck up on me and I was a bit late on choosing a new word to guide and inspire me throughout the next twelve months. However, I suddenly was struck by the word "honesty" (in the middle of a shower, as it happened), and haven't been able to shake the thought of it since. In fact, it is part of what pushed me to write - and publish - the last post. So, honesty it is; I am so curious to see where this word will lead me!

In lieu of new resolutions - I intend to continue my three goals from last year - I have begun making a long list of life dreams, goals, and hopes. Check it out here! (You can also find it in the left column under the link "Dreams, Hopes, & Life Goals".) I'd love to hear about your list if you have one or make one!

In order to have a balanced look at 2010, I want to celebrate the good and the beautiful as well as the challenging. Though many moments of this year were overwhelming and difficult, many wonderful things happened as well: I met many new friends, created quite a few things, celebrated My Peacetree's first birthday, and surprised a beginning art journaler with brand new art supplies. I stepped up and moved forward, reenrolling in college after three long years, and my dear Boy visited no less than three times and made me a very happy girl. I struggled, I laughed, I painted, and I studied. I was courageous, creative, and assertive. This year was not entirely unhappy nor unsuccessful.

As I've mentioned before, however, I am still struggling with finding my creative spirit. I miss feeling that constant tug, an itching to get my hands messy and play with paper and glue and images for hours. I hope my muse - my inspiration - returns soon. How have you been inspiring yourself through these dark winter months?

And you, my dear friends - I hope that you are happy and healthy, and know just how sparkling and radiant and captivating you are! (You really are quite so, dearests.) And oh, you are so very loved!


Abby said...

I lost my creative spirit for a pretty long time, perhaps for all of last fall. I am only now finding it again, slowly. Hopefully it won't go away.

iHanna said...

Sometimes, starting gluing random stuff down, will start the inspiration and get your creativity tugging. try it out! :-)

Rhiannon said...

i have totaly lost my creative spirit, more so in the last 6 months. i have had a lot happen in the last year and its been realy hard to be motivated about anything. i know being creative is my best way to work things out but if the inspiration isn't there, it's really hard!
I like iHanna's idea though - might even go try that now :)
Hope you can get back into the swing of things soon!! xxx


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