14 March 2011

21 Secrets Registration

**UPDATE 5/31/2011: 21 Secrets registration is extended until January 1, 2012! Check out the details here.

Dear friends,

It's here!! I and the other twenty beautiful women taking part in 21 SECRETS have been working hard to put our workshops together for you. And, finally...

It's going to be such an incredible experience. I'd love to have you join us! Once you register, you'll have access to twenty one individual workshops, each of which includes at least one video tutorial about a technique or approach to art journaling, one PDF that you can print and keep, and an ocean of creativity and inspiration! You'll meet hundreds of new friends, too.

My own workshop is called Beautiful You, Radiant You. The description is below.
"We spend a great deal of time focused on the external happenings of our lives, yet often neglect to explore our own dreams, needs, and souls. Join me in dedicating a few hours to amazing you - we'll investigate and celebrate all your one of a kind wonderfulness! Learn how to create mandalas, use symbolism, tuck away secrets, and employ other techniques to bring your unique self into your art journal pages. Step by step instruction, writing and artistic prompts, and a great dose of inspiration included!"
(Psst, this means that I will personally introduce myself in person for the very first time!)

The workshops will open on 1 April, but you can sign up today. Please click on the link below to register, and be sure to send this way anyone you think might be interested. Let's get our artsiness on!

Thanks so much, beauties. Wishing you lots of love and a wonderful start to your week!


iHanna said...

Congratulations my friend, this is som cool. I bet your class is awesome, hope you have fun with this and the teaching!

Penny said...

I was just thinking of you and this collaboration project yesterday, wondering how it was coming along. Good luck with it, I hope that you get a lot of good feedback.


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