18 March 2011

The Promise of Spring

My very favorite season of all is Spring. I love the way it arrives unhurriedly - the world slowly begins to smell of earth, the chirping of birds grows ever more and more present, the sun lingers ever longer in the sky and, best of all, warm weather stays, inviting exploration of the changing landscape.

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. I walked, seeing how buds are so close to bursting - the anticipation absolutely thrills me! Of the many things that inspire me, Spring is the one that I love best.

But, though I treasure this moment, I long for May, when I will be spending a whole month in Germany with the Boy and painting to my heart's content - maybe I'll recreate the peonies I sketched above in my art journal!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Oh dear, May can't come fast enough for you, can it? Enjoy all the firsts of spring as they happen. Here in San Diego, it's hard to see the transition sometimes -- flowers have been blooming and strawberries have been growing since January.

gypsy said...

Ingrid, a month in Germany (esp with your honey) free to paint as you wish, how lovely! I really like the line work and cross-hatching in your peony sketch, very expressive.


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