29 May 2011

Featured Artist: Alma Stoller

I would like to introduce you to one of the many incredible, talented women hosting a workshop at 21 Secrets. Alma Stotter, artist extrordinaire, authors a blog bursting with creativity and overflowing with paintings, mixed media art, textiles, artist interviews, and fantastic tutorials like how to recycle magazine images into canvas and make paper bracelets. (Paper bracelets?! Incredible! Check out their gorgeousness in the image below.)

The workshop she teaches at 21 Secrets is titled Child's Play, and Alma writes that it is 'all about creative play. To create like a child.... free, fearless, open. To inspire creativity using found objects and everyday items.' Watch the promo video:

Registration for this and twenty other wonderful workshops at 21 Secrets continues - sign up now!

Another of Alma's projects is the recreation of magazines with with fabric, paint, and embroidery. She has in fact a separate blog dedicated to her monthly creations, and you can check all of her 'glossies' out at The Glossy Project. I love the way the images are softened and altered when they are transferred onto fabric - and I imagine it must take quite a bit of patience and practice to embroider a figure well!

Her paintings are beautiful, too; I love the one below. The colors flow so beautifully, and the bit of collage adds just the right amount of whimsy. Check out more of her mixed media paintings here!

Oh, so much creativity!
Stop by Alma's blog for some delicious inspiration, and be sure to enter the giveaway that she is hosting; it's open until May 31!
I love meeting new artists online; so often they give me new energy with which to approach my art, and I do love making new friends. Do you have any favorite artistic blogs - or perhaps one of your own - that you'd like to share?

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Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a fabulous post! I just viewed Alma's videos on 21 Secrets - and I'm so excited to get started. :) She makes art FUN. :) Here is one of my favorite artistic blogs:
I love Vanessa's heart and playful spirit, which is wonderfully reflected in her beautiful art.


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