25 July 2011

In Progress

I've been painting often recently, exploring and experimenting and playing in a children's book of nursery rhymes. I've taken a break from my black journal - the one I created right after I finished my first journal, the one in which I painted this. The dark pages in it are hard to work with as they take a great deal of time to prepare in order to ensure that the black does not seep through; I will probably work my way through it eventually, but for now I am so enjoying working with an altered book!

Below are three of my newest spreads, all of which are as yet unfinished. I've included the materials used in each beneath the photos. I rarely do this, as I usually use a huge number of things to put together one spread, all on impulse, and I often forget exactly what has gone into creating each piece of art! I have listed them as if they were ingredients: the most greatly used products first.

Materials: acrylics, gesso, crayon, watercolor and lead pencil, ballpoint pen.

Materials: collage (phonebook pages, tissue paper, Chinese newspaper, book clipping), acrylics, ephemera (baggage claim ticket, price sticker, months tags), watercolor and lead pencil, gel pen, marker, ballpoint pen, staples, safety pin.

I have noticed that quite a lot of blues and greens have been seeping into my pages, as well as tiny details and a great deal of writing. I suspect that the colors are a wish for cooler, less sticky weather! It's been incredibly hot, daily upwards of ninety degrees.

Materials: collage (vintage pattern envelope, scrap paper, old doodles, map, sticker), acrylics, gesso, ephemera (tags, magazine images, tickets), rubber stamps, hot glue, salt, staples, oil pastel, graphite pencil.

Some wonderful techniques I've used, both old and newly learned: 
  • Use a hot glue gun to create three-dimensional circles and, once dry, glue these into your journal. (See photo 3)
  • Empty paper towel rolls are excellent stamps! (Photo 1)
  • Mix salt or sand into acrylic paint to give it texture and dimension. (Photo 3)
  • Use a candle to (carefully!) burn holes into your pages - and please remember that Modge Podge and other adhesives are flammable! (Photos 2 & 3)
  • Repetitive shapes can be both fun and interesting. (Photos 2 & 3)
  • When all of the stickers in a sheet have been used, there remains a sort of outline, also sticky. This is a great texture-boosting tool - stick it anywhere and paint over it, or place it over a background to let the color peek through. (Photo 3)
You can see more detailed photos of these pages by clicking here. Which is your favorite, lovelies? Personally, I like the last one - I'd really love to jump into its layers and swim lazily through all its refreshing color!

PS. Haven't you checked out 21 Secrets yet?!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Ingrid, I can't even tell you how your journal pages just put this big lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes. "Dear Beautiful Self...I am Enough" That's what did it.

Romantic Heroine said...

I like number two. The stars are lovely. How did you do them? and I love the way you meld the colours...

Erica said...

Everything you create is so beautiful, but I especially like the first picture. Thank you for sharing these clever ideas and techniques with us, xox.

Natty said...

Oh Ingrid!! You're absolutely amazing, and I have to say, your artwork always moves me. I love the portrait you painted in the first photo, being able to see the text under the painting adds great depth. And it shows so much truth, and hope as well (at least that's how I've interpreted it!) You work is always beautiful. :)

Deanna said...

I like the colors and backgrounds in number two but number one really speaks to me. Having just crawled out of an unhappy place I still feel a little tender and bruised from the whole experience so I can relate.


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