30 September 2011

Note to Self

Happy, happy Friday! I wonder if it's been as crazy a week for you as it has been for me? I can nearly hear the days wooshing by, and last week already feels like it happened years ago. And it's almost October - really? How in the world did that happen?!

I hope you're planning exciting and wondrous and lovely adventures (or perhaps comfy, sleepy, restful days) this weekend. I'm looking forward to catching up on schoolwork, putting together some packages to ship out, painting, and sleeping.

Two important announcements for you today, lovelies:

   Today is the very, very last day to sign up for 21 SECRETS. This is the last chance for you to take part in an incredible community of hundreds of artists teaching and learning from one another; last chance for you to take part in twenty one original online art workshops and learn countless new techniques, projects, prompts, and inspirations from twenty one amazing teachers. At 12:00 tonight, 21 SECRETS registration is closed for good, but the magic will continue behind closed doors until the New Year - you will be registering to take part in three more months of exploration, discovery, and magic.
   Please consider joining in on an experience that will leave you breathless with creative energy, amazing insights, and new friends around the world. There is a special price - only $49.99 - for the rest of the day. Click here to read more about each workshop (including my own!) and to register.

A spread made in the process of creating my 21 SECRETS 
workshop, "Beautiful You, Radiant You."

   Today is also the last day of my giveaway! Enter by midnight tonight to win a completely free and totally scrumptious digital art program from MyMemories. Check out more details here! I'll pick a winner sometime this weekend.

And a bonus announcement: Connie Hozvicka is going to be a mama! She is the owner of Dirty Footprints Studio, the founder of the 21 SECRETS, Big, Inner Breath, and Deep workshops, and is one of the most incredible, deeply kind, women I have ever come to know. She glows from the inside out. And she's going to be such a wonderful mother to a very luck little one. Won't you go wish her a big congratulations and send her some love?

Have a marvelous weekend, friends, and happy Michaelmas!

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The Cherry On Top said...

Wonderful Artwork <3 xoxo


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