31 December 2011

Celebrating Silvester

Hello, dear friends, and happy New Year's Eve!

I am in Germany, spending some time with my Lovely - and tonight, celebrating the arrival of the new year, called 'Silvester' in German - before I begin classes here in a little over a week. My absence on the blog was unplanned; December has been a whirlwind of traveling, friends and family, visits, gifts, errands, and preparations for my study abroad. In addition, the very first weekend after the end of the semester, I left my poor camera in a cab. I called many times, but haven't gotten it back, nor do I expect to. I feel so lost without it, as if part of my artistic voice is missing. I am incredibly grateful that with my Christmas money and some help from my dad I will be getting a used one soon. I am so blessed.

2012 is just a few hours away. I have been reflecting this month on what 2011 has brought me: healing, growth, relief, tears, suffering, inspiration, excitement, understanding, and a realization of both my limitations and my potential. This has been a breakthrough year for me, and I am confident that I am on the right path headed into a beautiful future. I am coming into my own Self, and I am humbled and grateful for all that I have encountered, experienced, and gained.

I have chosen my new word for the year: expand. When I say it aloud or in my mind, I envision the Universe expanding at unbelievable speeds into new corners of undiscovered space, filling the darkness with light and dance and wonder. I hope that for the next year, I will continue to grow spiritually and creatively, and will dream grander than ever. I hope to fill the world with light and magic as best I can.

Have you chosen a word to focus on through the coming months? What are you celebrating or mourning right now? How will you be celebrating the new year? What dreams are you envisioning for yourself? How will you celebrate the evening?

Wishing you the very best for all that is to come.
All my love!

01 December 2011

Dreams of Things to Come

December already? Where has the year gone?

I sit here in the library, knowing I should be preparing for end of semester exams and putting together long papers, but my attention is elsewhere. I am reflecting on the year that is now nearly behind us: my creative projects, my goals, my disappointments, my steps forward. I think about how far I have come in just twelve months.

And I dream about the future, too, and what it will hold: several months spent abroad, the end of my time at 21 Secrets, new ideas and projects, a final year at university. I look beyond 2012 – the real world looms, full of possibility and opportunity. What is it that I want to do with my life? What am I most passionate about? What steps can I take to bring these dreams to life? What is it that I want to bring to the world?

Soon, too, I will choose a new word of the year. In 2010 it was emerge; in 2011, honesty. This little task of choosing a single word or phrase to represent my goals, dreams, and hopes for the new year has been enlightening, and I believe that it does have an effect on the journey I take throughout the following days and months. Will you choose a word this year?

While I don't much care for the dark and chill of the winter months, I do love the reflection and stillness that December brings. It gives me time to pause and make wishes (and plans) for the next chapters of my life.  The New Year is magical, too, offering a world of possibilities of the most scrumptious, adventurous, enchanting kind. There is so much beauty in the world! Life is such a gift!

Happy, happy December, my dear friends!


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