09 January 2012

New Horizons

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Wishing you a beautiful, beautiful day, my sweets.


Natty said...

Hooray for a vlog! I think you did a great job :) Hope you're having fun in Germany and congrats on passing the test! So does this mean you'll be staying there for the whole semester or more?

Also loved your journal page, I think we all need a little self-love when we feel low. I know I need some right now! :)

Lots of love and best wishes!

Dryalantha said...

Jeeeej! Congrats with your first vlog! I enjoyed watching it! :)

Romantic Heroine said...

yay for your first vlog! you are so pretty and i love your voice :)

iHanna said...

You wonderful brave girl. Well done, stretching in the first week of the year. What will come next?

Erica said...

Oh dang, you are so beautiful and elegant I can't even stand it. ^.^ I'm not sure why you are self-conscious of your voice, I could listen to you speak forever. I hope you post another of these vlogs soon!

Thank you for posting this video blog, and thank you again for the video you posted of you collaging at my request.

I think YOU are wonderful, Ingrid.

Andria said...

Ingrid, I really enjoyed watching your vlog...go, you, trying something new! I hope you will do it again. I know when I studied abroad, I had to very much be ready to forgive myself for was tough to be out of my element and not so ready to take care of myself the way I needed to! I thought you made so many good points in your we aren't really "allowed" to talk about what we like about ourselves, because people take it as arrogance or somehow taking away from THEM. It is a shame. How fun for everyone to be totally free in sharing what is great about themselves AND everyone else...what a healthy life to live!

Delhibound said...

oh my word, sweet Ingrid. Your voice is darling and magical ... so is the look on your face when I had to pause it at 1:45 to run to the other room!

Loving all of this - do more vlogs!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I love that you vlogged. And you have such a charming voice -- take this from someone who studied voice, both through singing and acting. What you said about being hard on yourself really struck a chord with me. I think I'm always hard on myself, and especially lately, I've been giving myself lots of permission to mess up and fail and fumble. I'm learning a lot by that.

Glad you're enjoying Germany, sweetheart!


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