17 February 2012


I got my voice back. After nearly three months, I am finally able to share my vision through a lens again. And I couldn't be happier.

Have a beautiful weekend, lovelies!

14 February 2012

Updates / Interview / Art Journaling Mag

Image by Navesh Chitrakar for Reuters.

When I was small, Valentine's Day was about celebrating those you loved - family, dear friends, and loved ones. When I came down the stairs, sleepy-eyed and smiling, I would find the dining room table decked in pink and red, candy hearts and chocolates spread, homemade valentines on each plate. Today, I am celebrating with my Love far away from home, but I wish all my loved ones, and each of you, a very happy day filled with hugs, appreciation, and gratitude for all the love that surrounds and embraces you!

It has been more than a month since I came to share my thoughts here. I am still cameraless: my boyfriend (shall we call him A from now on? Generalities are growing tiresome!) doesn't know where the charger is to his SLR and my new-to-me Nikon is floating around somewhere in the land of customs. Soon, I hope, it will be in my hands! I feel so voiceless without it.

Ahh, yes. Germany has been absolutely lovely; I am so happy here! My german is improving, I have spent precious time with A, and I wake up every morning so grateful for my life. I will stay in Ruhrgebiet for another two weeks or so, then will travel to the southwest to begin another language course and, in April, university.

Though I have taken a bit of an unplanned break from blogging, I have been active in several other places. I was interviewed by the lovely and talented Dawn Devries Sokol at Create Mixed Media this month (thank you so much, Dawn!); you can read my thoughts about art journaling and my creative process here. You can follow me on Pinterest, too, where I save beautiful photos like those above, recipes, brilliant ideas from others, art I am inspired by, and more. You can find me on Twitter, too.

I have also been featured in the gallery section of the current issue of Art Journaling Magazine! I haven't yet been able to see it in person (I left for Europe before it was sent to me), but from what my mama showed me over video chat, I have several full pages filled with my art. Woohoo! Do go check it out if you can!

And as a last bit of news, I am thinking of adding a few new features to my blog, including a frequently asked questions section. Is there anything you'd like to know about me, my art, or my blog? You can write to me here or, if you prefer to be anonymous, you can send me your thoughts here. Thank you!

Loves, I hope that you are well and happy. And if you aren't - I am sending you a big bear hug right now. Can you feel it? You are so appreciated, important, unique, and loved - forever and ever and ever.


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