02 March 2012

Goodbye, Hello

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. /Andre Gide

A new adventure has begun. 

Early yesterday morning I said goodbye to A and traveled about six hours on the train into the south of Germany, just outside of Stuttgart. I will soon begin a second German language course, and in April the semester officially begins.

This is an exciting step: here I will spend my days speaking and hearing only German, on my own in an unfamiliar place far outside my comfort zone. How well this fits into my word of the year! I am expanding in so many ways: strengthening my foreign language skills, stretching my independence, soaking up newness and the unknown. And yes: I am, in part, quite apprehensive. I feel alone and uncomfortable and oh! how I miss that love of mine, with his wide smile, kind eyes, ridiculous jokes, and wonderful companionship! Goodbyes are so difficult. I hope someday to be free of them forever.

Above are Instagram photos taken over the past few weeks. (You can see part of my collection here or all of it by following me on the app - @mypeacetree. Because I don't have an internet plan on my phone, uploading can be sporadic, as I must wait until I can find a free wifi connection.) I promise you, loves, I will share photos taken with my Nikon soon, including art journaling pages I've been working on!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with the loveliest of things!
All my love,


Romantic Heroine said...

meine liebe, du wirst dieses neue und große abenteuer meistern. ich wünsch dir ganz viel glück mit deinem zweiten sprachkurs - you will rock it ;) and always remember:

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts. You have to remember this when you find yourself at the beginning." (Hope Floats)

and soon, you will see your sweetheart again, won't you?

many hugs to you!

Andria said...

Good luck to you as you begin your next phase of overseas adventures!

Rhiannon said...

You are incredible Ingrid. I cannot tell you how impressed, amazed and excited for you, I am! I can't wait to see more photos- Germany is somewhere I would love to visit. xxoxx


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