17 March 2012

I am the Hero

I have been thinking quite a bit about where I am right now: what my dreams and goals are; what sort of person I am, what sort of person I am becoming, and what sort of person I want to be; and in what direction I want to take my next steps. I have also been considering the future of this sweet blog, for I have come to realize that my passion for being here, sharing, writing, and dreaming has been ebbing. 

More than anything else, I want to know why this shift has been occurring, and what might spark my interest once more. Am I feeling too pressured to simply share something? Would a design change bring new life to this space? What about introducing a new focus? Would releasing myself from the self-imposed pressure to profit from my art bring relief?

I feel that part of this struggle is feeling unable to share with you a story that has been a central theme in my life, especially in the past six months. Due to it being a very tender subject and the fact that my family occasionally makes their way to my blog, I am uncomfortable publicly sharing a story that leaves me feeling vulnerable and fragile. Nevertheless, I have begun to feel that I need to take this leap and share my story in order to reach out to others who have shared my path. I do apologize for the ambiguity in the meantime, loves.

How are you today, darling? I want to remind you today that you are deeply, deeply loved, precious, important, appreciated. Sending you hugs to wherever you are, geographically or emotionally. If you like, I would love to hear how you – yes you! – are doing: if life is treating you well, if you are busy or contemplative, sorrowful, or giddy with joy. How are you, really?

As a last note, I want to share a bit about the art here. These pages come from a spread I worked on in late February, featuring pastels and quite a bit of text (including this poem by e. e. cummings, the last few lines of this poem by Mary Oliver, and this quote by Ayn Rand) - art journaling elements which I don't usually explore. There are, however, plenty of layers of collage and paint!

"Ingredients" used: acrylic paint, Karneval streamers, vintage sewing pattern, gift tag, pencil, ballpoint pen, highlighter, graph paper, owl from an advertisement.


Romantic Heroine said...

dear wonderful ingrid. I know how you feel right now. I've been thinking about similar things. And I think to do so is only human. In my life, lots of things are going to change in near future. I started to create my future with sending job applications and getting invitations for interviews. At the moment, I am quite pleased with my life and I hope it will be like that for some time.

I hope you will keep your blog going 'cause it's been you who changed my view of life. It's true. And I would miss your bright and inspiring posts. I also love your new layout! How did you do it? photoshop? Oh, that lets me think of an makeover, but I like my blog the way it is right now. If you haven't yet, have a look.

Many warm hugs and lovely wishes to you, my dear friend. we should write soon again, don'tyou think?

~Sandra ♥

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Whatever that story is that you want to share, I hope you find the strength to share it. I know what it's like wanting to tell certain stories that you don't know how to -- you may not be sure how people will respond, or you may not want it to be public, but if it's your story and you're compelled to share it do. You never know whose life you'll touch with it.

And yes to the Mary Oliver poem (she's one of my favorites), and the e.e. cummings poem (it's what I say to myself every morning upon waking), and to the quote which I have never read before but stirs my soul.


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