20 March 2012

Lucky to Be

Yesterday evening, while walking back from the store, I watched as five or six fire engines, sirens wailing, raced to a home just a block away. I watched as brave men and women unselfishly worked to help perfect strangers, and it reminded me of my own terror in the face of an emergency – the car accident that happened, coincidentally, exactly six months ago today.

I so wish I had remembered to thank those who rushed to help us: the woman with the sparkling ring and the comforting words, the kind medics who accompanied us to the hospital, the firefighters who made me feel so safe because they knew exactly what they were doing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Six months later, I have so, so much to be grateful for. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful to be in this beautiful country, this beautiful city, practicing a language I've always hoped to master, close to my love, soaking up the history of castles and cobblestone streets. I have eaten true italian ice cream that cost me just one Euro; I have climbed the hills of Baden-W├╝rttenberg; I have had long conversations in German with individuals from all over the world; and I have celebrated Karneval in one of my favorite cities on the planet.

I am so, so blessed.

And today, too, is the first day of Spring! This time of year is my very favorite: the world bursts into life, the warm sunshine makes my very soul glow, and everything that surrounds us bursts into bloom. It's such a beautiful season.

Oh, yes. I am a very lucky girl. And I am so incredibly grateful.


Daisy Yellow said...

Ingrid, Thank you for the way you remind me so calmly, to be thankful. You've been nominated:

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Your words just made my heart swell. You have a beautiful life, and it thrills me to see you appreciate it so.

Erica said...

I'm so glad you're alive to tell us about your story. Near death experiences are difficult and they really change your way of thinking and being.


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