18 March 2012

New Design

Within minutes of posting last night, I realized that I had stumbled upon truth – part of it, anyway. I've been aching for months for a new, clean look. While I'd been playing around with design ideas, layouts, and color schemes for some time, I hadn't seriously spent time on coming up with a cohesive, complete product until last night.

I'm thrilled with the outcome of more than fifteen hours of hard work.
So let's take a little tour, shall we? First up, the header:

The vintage font is called Desdemona, and the lacy circles were created with free Photoshop shapes. I love that they are like mandalas, fitting well with my themes of gentleness and self awareness; they also remind me of doilies, which I adore using in my art journal. The simplicity, texture, and subdued color scheme leave me feeling calm and balanced, and the representation of qualities that inspire me are like sweet whispers of familiar things.

While most of the new blog space is pretty self explanatory, I wanted to share two new additions that simplify both the look and the efficiency of navigation.

The new, colorful collection of pages is located in the right side bar. Here you can find all my posts about art, frequently asked questions (updating this page is next on my to do list. Do you have something to ask?), posts about photography, my bucket list, ways you can contact me and find me on the internet, information about me and my blog, and links to the websites and blogs of artists, photographers, writers, and individuals who inspire me.

Lastly, I have moved many of my widgets – including links to Facebook, Twitter, etc., ways to subscribe, and the archives – to the footer of the page. This allows the blog to remain open as well as organized. One addition I'm incredibly proud of is the "jump to top" button: once you reach the bottom of the page, simply click on the grey button, and you will appear magically at the top of the page you were visiting! (If you're HTML savvy and would like to install this in your own blog, please click here.) I find that with a concentration of information at the bottom of the page, this little tool is tremendously helpful.

At the bottom left corner of the footer you can also find recently popular posts.

I will continue to tweak the design a bit throughout the next few weeks, so don't be surprised if something changes. If you have any problems, however, or have questions, you can contact me here.

And a final update: I am moving My Peacetree to a permanent Facebook page! Please be sure to give it a thumbs up so that we can stay in touch and you can continue to get all the latest updates from the blog. I will be shutting down the current personal page on April 28th.


Seth said...

This is really a beautiful design. Clean, spare and easy to navigate. Well done!

Delhibound said...

Ah ha! Gorgeous, simple. Classy.

Andria said...

Your blog looks great! And I just joined you on FB, too. I wish I could figure out how to redesign my blog...guess I need a little more computer know-how than I currently possess! :-)

Erica said...

I've been reading backwards, catching up on your blog entries and anxiously awaiting to get to the post where you introduce your new layout so I could compliment it in the appropriate place. I love how light and airy it is, and your navigation is fantastic.

I'm confused by what you mean to moving to a permanent FB page, though. Does that mean My Peacetree will only be at Facebook and you will be getting rid of your Blogspot site?


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