26 April 2012

Free as a Bird

Hello, lovelies!

I can't thank you enough for your sweet words of encouragement and support. You are so wonderful. Truly. I will be sharing more of my story soon (and replying in full to each of your kind emails), but at the moment am overwhelmed with trying to adjust to taking courses entirely in German; it's incredible how much energy focusing on understanding a foreign language takes!

I wanted to share with you, though, something incredible I discovered just yesterday. I have been watching three not-so-little eaglets and their parents via this live Ustream video; I am fascinated and become constantly more aware of my humanness as I watch. And wow, do they grow quickly! It's lovely and funny and awe inspiring.

Yesterday, however, I came across a live stream of a hummingbird's nest, a mama, and her two tiny babies. I don't know if I have ever seen anything more beautiful or enchanting. The nest is apparently made of lichen and cobwebs; mama's feathers are shimmery green and cream and she is the closest thing to a fairy I have ever seen. It's absolutely magical.

See for yourself here; you can find the eagles here. And do note - the hummingbirds are on pacific daylight time (PDT) and the eagles are on central daylight time (CDT).

Have a beautiful day!

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