20 April 2012

Hello Sunshine: Free eBook

Darlings, I made something for you.

It's a wee ebook, completely free, to inspire you and bring a bit of sunshine to you on days when you especially need it. It is eight pages long and holds both my own photos and quotes from previous posts. You can download it here!

I would ask that you please respect my work – don't share it without credit and certainly don't sell it, reproduce it, alter it, or claim the photos, words, or idea as your own. All that aside, I would love to know what you think!

Edit: just a small note – the preview in Google is of far lesser quality than the actual download!


Delhibound said...

how sweet of you was that to share? I have downloaded it and love it! Thanks, sweets!

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

This is wonderful Ingrid. Love it! <3

Andria said...

Beautiful images and thoughts, Ingrid...thank you for putting this together for us!


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