16 July 2012

The Other Side of the Fence

Last week, as I stood watching cows graze lazily in a pasture just behind my building, I longed to know what – if anything – they were thinking about.

Do animals have that beautiful ability to stay forever in the present, enjoying every single moment as it goes by: completely immersed in the taste of a particular leaf, the birds in the trees, the clouds floating by in a blue sky? Do they dream of things they miss or long for, like a chick, lamb, or calf who has now grown and found a new home? Do mama cows wait with anticipation for the evening's milking, when their swollen udders will find relief?

Sometimes I so long to be a bird, carefree, floating on the wind with sunbeams dancing on my back. I wish for simplicity. I wish to know that wherever I am, I am home. And I dream of what it would be like to exist within a quiet, still mind, in a constant state of meditation, never restless, my senses awakened and absorbing the movement and rich, earthy scent of every tree, root, raindrop, and beetle.

What a life that must be!


Romantic Heroine said...

beautiful post, ingrid. I also had thoughts like these in the past.

I always wonder what my cat thinks while he sleeps or he's watching the rain. I think this will always be a profound mystery of life...

Erica said...

This is such a beautiful post. I often look at my dear pet companion, my dog Hera, and wonder what she thinks about when she stares dreamily off into space. Or when she dreams, I would love to know what she dreams about when her little feet start moving and tiny yaps come from her mouth when she is sleeping.


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