18 July 2012

Polishing and Dusting

Oh, man.. You wouldn't think it, but HTML, coding, and blog design take a lot of time. In fact, I just pulled an all-nighter (and I have a meeting in just a few hours!) to give my blog some more room to breathe, and it still merely looks like I have rearranged a few things. Please don't tell my mother that I haven't slept. Or my boyfriend, for that matter.

It is when I become fully immersed in chasing a design dream, oddly, that I feel most connected to my blog. The restlessness I feel in my waking life, the longing for spontaneity and order and color and a whole simultaneous host of other things overflows into these pages, compelling me to bring about change in one of the least intimidating and complex parts of my life. And, to be perfectly honest, I have a love affair with the night; the stillness of the wee hours of the morning is magical and sacred, and watching the world awaken is breathtakingly beautiful.

Know, loves, that this latest blogging renovation is still in progress. There are links that do not work and I feel a tugging to bring more color to the header, among other things. We shall see. Regardless, there will be some changes in the next days; please have patience with me. 

For now, though, I suppose I should get some rest – as well as address the schoolwork that still remains undone. But let's keep the latter a secret, too, shall we?


Erica said...

Everything looks so fresh and clean and bright around My Peacetree! You did a great job, Ingrid, it literally took my breath away when I clicked here from my Google Reader. I look forward to the rest of the changes you have planned, and I am especially anxious to see some color in your header. (When I close my eyes, I see teal.)

Rachel said...

It looks lovely, it's really calming.


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