04 July 2012

Vlog: Germany, Future Plans, and Art Journaling

previous vlogphotos of Austria / creative education from Sir Ken Robinson / my instagram / Beautiful You, Radiant You workshop / 2009-2010 art journal / art journaling posts: candle wax, white collage, pomegranate (have I really not posted this?), Kunstlerin, mandala journal

Aha! It was driving me crazy – the material I use to do the white-out technique I spoke about is called correction tape!


lgmcat said...

Wonderful vlog, Ingrid. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful journals! I took your class on 21 secrets last year and went looking for your blog. Glad to have found you! Take care.


Delhibound said...

You can't save every starfish ... love that.

Amy said...

Ingrid, I really liked watching your vlog. I especially enjoyed hearing what your future plans are and your love of learning a foreign language. Happy painting and good luck with everything :)

Erica said...

I think you should be an elementary school art teacher. :D

Things I love: "you can't save ever starfish" AND your self portrait, which looks very much like you.

Things I wish was in this video: you speaking more German!

Good luck with your move back home. xox, all my love to you.


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