24 September 2012

For You

You, dearest one, are loved.

You shine invisible beams of light from your very core into the darkest corners of the Universe, bringing light to so many. You matter! You are on the right path. You can do this.

And it will all turn out more beautifully than you could ever expect.

Big hugs from me to you, sweet soul.

* * *

10 September 2012



My mama is married.
A new semester has begun.
I feel centered, healthy, at peace.

I feel that I have entered a new phase of my life – taken a turn around a bend in the road, gradually saying goodbye to my past and embracing all the possibilities of the future.

Additionally, I have found peace of mind. I am comfortable with myself, just as I am, content and cheerful. My soul is calm. I celebrate this newness wholly, with awareness and gratitude in light of the mountains I have struggled to climb.

Fall is just a few weeks away, and this year I am looking forward to chilly nights, layers, and clear autumn skies. (Usually I try to negotiate with the Universe to let summer stay just a little bit longer!) The leaves at this time of year – going through a transition to brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows – are breathtaking and, perhaps, symbolic of where I am standing, metaphorically, at this moment.

I have been reflecting at length of the direction of this blog. I still love this space dearly and long for it to be a space of ease, comfort, peace, and joy. I long to celebrate here all that is good and kind and beautiful, the small things and the grand. However, I find that, in pressuring myself to post just for the sake of posting, I lose quality and sincerity, and this is quite the opposite of what I dream for this place. In this new chapter of serenity and calm, too, I find that words find me more seldom than before. For these reasons (though perhaps you have already seen this coming in my lengthening absence here?) I will be allowing myself the time to create posts that are meaningful and full of love, inspiration, and honesty – that which I have always intended to share, but elements which have become misguided in the attempt to serve readers first and not my own interests. It may sound selfish, I suppose, yet I truly believe that the most beautiful things come from a place of love and passion; and only in following our hearts can we discover what that is.

A stereotypical artist type, I am messy, disorganized, and impulsive, qualities which conflict with my image of what a "good" blog is. But I am throwing that out the window, loves, and embracing who I am and this space for what it is. I will make no promises as to when I will next pop in, but I wish you all the love in the world in the meantime and hope that you understand the direction this decision has come from. Stay true to yourself, beautiful souls. You are loved.

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