15 October 2012

Dancing and Daydreams

Oh, this sweet lady. All gentleness, depth, and light. I met her on a whirlwind trip to Berlin, and felt like a celebrity when she ran to greet me. I was – I am – so humbled. We spent a day wandering, photographing, art journaling, and sharing, and this friendship, rooted in online exchanges, simply blossomed in person.

There was not one awkward or uncomfortable moment all day. We danced through pouring rain together, took hundreds of photos of droplets – Tröpfchen – lingering in the garden beds, chased mosquitoes away from one another, wandered through enormous ancient parks, and shared stories and cake. And oh, how we laughed and remarked again and again how dreamlike it all was. Kindred spirits in their element, celebrating the world!

In the evening, the day having passed in the blink of an eye, we slowly and carefully examined each other's art journals (and tears brimmed when I realized she had been so inspired by this painting of mine that she did her own rendering). Then, exchanging our journals for an hour or two, we gifted creativity to one another, collaging, painting, sticking, and writing love notes for the other to keep. And I wrote in her art journal: you are love. And so she is – Love. Loved. Loveable. Lovely.

It was a day I will treasure forever. Vielen Dank noch mal, Süsse, für einen wunderschönen Tag! Bis bald! Go say hello here, and read what Miss Sandra wrote about (and see more photos of) our visit here! Oh yes, and the result of our work? See below – and note the completely accidental color coordination! Whee!


Heather said...

You are so lucky to have had that time together. I wish I knew someone that I could spend a day with together in that way...

Erica said...

Oh god I would love to be able to spend a day art journaling with a friend. Unfortunately, I have no friends, let alone friends that would enjoy art journaling with me.

Lindsay Drya said...

You 2 are really my favorite bloggers to follow... so happy, so expressive, you both make my heart smile every time I visit. (Actually I don't have time to check in with my reader every day but I do -make- time to visit you 2)

Love! :)


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