25 May 2012

Afternoon Magic

One of my most favorite things in this world (and oh, I have so many favorites!) is watching dust lazily drift, dance, and whirl in sunbeams. It is enchanting. There is such magic in this, a quiet, intimate moment so lovely I could cry.

23 May 2012

Telling My Story: Part II

My story.

It's not pretty or eloquent or melancholically desirable. It's also not so tragic as many things in this world. Countless individuals endure tremendous suffering in their lives, and I know that my experiences are not nearly as horrific or heartbreaking as, sadly, so many in this world are.

No. But it is my story. It is incredibly important to me – it has affected nearly every part of my life, my development, my relationships with others, my view of myself, and my perspective of the world.

And I share it with you now. (Read Part I here.)

I beg you, sweet readers, to be gentle. Here I am baring myself to you, heart and soul, in the most terrifyingly vulnerable and fragile way. Be gentle. I have closed comments for this post, but if you would like to write me I would love to hear from you. You can contact me either here – it can be anonymous, but do leave your email address if you'd like a response – or email me at mypeacetree2 (at) If you have nothing kind to say, please quietly continue with your day and refrain from sharing your thoughts.

A small note: I have included a "jump break" in this post; this means that if you do not want or are not prepared to read a story about heartbreak, damaging mind games, emotional abuse, and depression, please skip this post and find other material to read for the day. If you are willing, please click "read more" below.

21 May 2012

Let Go

I realized today that it has been ten days since my last post. And I remind myself yet again: be gentle. It  is more than okay to be just exactly as I am, quirky and imperfect. Outside my window, into the rolling thunder and dancing lightning, I offer my guilt, however significant or unnecessary, for all the to-dos that remain un-done, posts not yet finished, dishes not yet washed, paintings and projects still twirling in my imagination, and emails not yet returned.

Guilt – that constant and whispering nagging – about the little things, expectations from others, and unrealistic expectations of ourselves, is poisonous. Release it into the wind. Always do your best, my love, but be gentle with yourself in evaluating what indeed that means; be aware of expectations of perfection disguised in motivation.

My to-do list will be there tomorrow, and with the dawn comes a brand new opportunity to complete it as best I can. And so, as I prepare myself for bed tonight, I reflect not on guilt but on all that I am grateful for: this breathtakingly magnificent world, wide open with possibility; my sweet, full life; and the beauty of a thunderstorm.

11 May 2012

Scenes from Germany

Hello, my sweets!

The weather here has been beautiful, with days of sunshine, blue skies, ice cream, and lazing in the park. I couldn't imagine it being any more lovely.

There are just a few months left before I leave this country that is so close to my heart – and so I'm soaking in as much of it as I can, from the language and the cobblestone streets to new friends and culture. It has been an incredible experience thus far and I am treasuring every single moment.

Here are a few photos taken with my iPhone recently! You can follow me on Instagram with my username @mypeacetree.

All my love!

02 May 2012

Turning Three

Oh, May. You are my very favorite month! The world is bursting into bloom around me, filled with vivid color and enchanting perfumes; birds are celebrating life, singing from dawn til dusk; and the sun floods through my window bringing warmth and light and magic.

Today my blog turns three years old. Its presence has ebbed and flowed, its purpose transformed and transformed again; it is a story of life, creation, frustration, self discovery, artistry, and exploration of the world around us. Through this space I have sought to inspire and comfort, to love, nurture, and bring hope.

I have learned so much over these past three years – about myself, about my passions, about art and business and connection. I have met so many wonderful, wonderful spirits who inspire me endlessly and remind me again and again that there is always someone who has walked the very same path as you have: we are never, ever alone.

My Peacetree grows and changes, just as I grow and change, a human story told by an imperfect woman. Readers come and go, but I am so blessed to be here and part of your life, if even just for a short time. Thank you so much, lovelies. You make my heart overflow with happiness.

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