25 January 2013

Inspiration: Yellow

Bowl-Egged by Carol Marine. Source.

Packbien by Michelle Armas. Source.

Yellow Blanket by Maggie Siner. Source.

Landscape #34 by Robert Roth. Source.

Shameless by Madeline Denaro. Source.

When I come across paintings or works that I love, I am often rendered speechless, wanting only to  let my eyes wander through the colors, the shapes, and the movement of the creation. My words are failing me now. However, I do want to say that I love seeing how painters move their brushes on the canvas: each stroke marks the vision and the process of the artist. The energy of each of these pieces is so different, but the inexactness seen in all of them is beautiful and something I both admire and strive for in my own works.

Click on the photos to see more of each artist's works.

1 comment:

iHanna said...

Beautifully done, it's like a yellow art wall at a gallery!


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