15 February 2013

Pink Pages II

After yesterday's post, I went back to my art journal to finish up the Valentine's spread. You can see the process above: add some text to balance out the page, define the woman, and use a wash of warm brown watercolor to tie the page together. Tada - it's finished!

Some more details:

Wishing you the most beautiful day, sweets. All my love!


Romantic Heroine said...

so pretty! love to see the process to the finished result. and the skin colour of the girl is so beautiful. i like it a lot :)

Naomi Hattaway said...

AH yay! We just woke up and my little Mia was so happy to see you finished! "She is such a good drawer" she says. Beautiful process!

Lindsay Drya said...

Oh I love how you share the work in progress. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's week. :)

Erica said...

Who do you think of when you draw the women in your journal? Are the women representations of yourself? What about the words you write- do they mean something to you? Never and for always feels so negative for Valentine's Day, and the woman seems sad or disappointed. I hope your Valentine's Day wasn't the pits. All my love, dear friend.

Ingrid said...

The best response that I can give right now (I am still pondering your questions!) are that I usually art journal first and seek meaning in my work afterwards.

This means that I actually follow the flow – feeling what needs to be done next and acting on that impulse. The women, I suppose, are all representational of me (I dreamt of and created them), though I don't always know what they have to tell me.

The words on this page surprised me, too; I didn't know what they mean and I still don't. Perhaps that will come in time, and perhaps it won't! I feel that, on some level, it relates to the distance between my boyfriend and me, though perhaps it has other meanings as well.

Thanks for asking! All my love!

Erica said...

Thank you for answering. I love your art and was curious of the deeper meaning (in this piece, especially).


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